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A boozy Wednesday night in Brixton at the Satay and Music Bars

Wednesday is in danger of turning into the new Thursday (which is apparently already the new Friday) around Brixton town, with some great free nights out on offer.

We popped into the Dogstar and Albert before meeting up for a friend’s birthday drink at the Satay Cocktail Bar & Restaurant on 447 Coldharbour Lane, SW9.

Well, they say ‘Cocktail’ bar but when we arrived at 10.15pm we were told that they weren’t doing any, which was a bit of a bummer for a birthday celebration.

We settled for a round of beers instead but couldn’t get too comfy as we learnt that the place closes at the exact stroke of 11pm on weekdays – and that’s 11pm as in “we want you out of the door at that moment.”

With beers swiftly bolted down under the guise of the insistent doorman, we headed up the hill to the Music Bar (aka George IV, 144 Brixton Hill, SW2 1SD).

The last time I visited on a Wednesday night  (about three months ago) the place was horribly empty, so it was good to see a decent enough crowd dancing to the excellent band – an 11-piece Italian ska covers outfit called Bari Upbeat Movement

Now I remember why I woke up with a hangover – it was the tequila!

The George IV, sorry Music Bar, has kept its pool table and there’s a large outdoor smoking area,

I’ve had some great nights in this boozer in the past, so I wish it all the best for the future. Check out their listings here.