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Will Self’s art piece on Brixton Electric Avenue lights up

Entitled ‘Brixton Speaks,’ this art installation by author Will Self is located on the side of the Iceland supermarket, at the western end of Brixton’s famous Electric Avenue.

It’s also directly opposite a pop up loo, possibly giving pissed-up late night piddlers something to think about.

I first saw the artwork a few weeks back when it was still being installed, but now it’s all been wired up so you can see phrases being illuminated across the piece at night.

Will Self says that the artwork is designed to, “reflect the people who live, work and shop in Brixton Market and its environs the way they themselves speak. The aim of Brixton Speaks is not to antagonise, shock, or distort, but simply to mirror the great vigour, invention and diversity of Brixtonians.”

The placing of the artwork meant that Iceland workers started to store their trolleys closer to the shop entrance – which had the unforeseen effect of covering up the Brixton Bombing plaque.

After this clumsy faux pas was was loudly pointed out on the urban75 forums, the plaque was swiftly moved to a higher elevation and now remains easily spotted, even if it remains in an unforgivably tatty state.

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