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Wordy Will Self art piece appears on Electric Avenue, Brixton

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this art piece that has just been slapped up on the side of the Iceland Supermarket on Electric Avenue, Brixton.

The piece seems to be made up of what I assume are random pieces of overheard conversation in the area, but it’s quite hard to make any sense out of it.

The cables on the right (above the door) suggest that there may be some sort of lighting to be installed later.

I can’t say I’m being blown away by this at the moment  but what do you think, dear readers?

Update: The piece was created by esteemed local resident Will Self and will indeed light up, as he explains in this PDF document, Brixton arts and creative lighting projects.

Electric Avenue Project
Author and Lambeth resident Will Self says of his idea: “Brixton Speaks is an
artwork intended to reflect back at the people who live, work and shop in
Brixton Market.

Over a month-long period in early summer of 2009, fragments
of speech were noted down on Electric Avenue, in the arcades, and along
Brixton Road.

The aim is not to antagonise, shock, or distort, but to mirror the
great vigour, invention and diversity of Brixtonians.”

These ‘fragments of
speech’ will be displayed and carefully edited phrases will light up in a
choreographed sequence.