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Cardiff City FC - reports and rants   Cardiff City 2 Leeds 1
  Championship, Tuesday, 9 August 2005

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Ever get that eerie feeling that you've been witnessed something before? Will we ever tire of crushing our northern friends by this now familiar score line?

Yes and a firm No!!

The evening started reminiscing about that momentous January evening back in 2002. The mighty Leeds, top of the Premiership pile, the lowly Bluebirds struggling to get a handle in the old 2nd division.

Oh, how times have changed! This is a very different Leeds team, one suffering from cut-throat nature of modern football finance and the realisation that it's a long road back to the top in this highly competitive league.

The first home match of the 2005/06 season, this was an evening for the new boys to show us what they've got - roll-up roll-up stake your claim for status as a 'city favourite'.

We'll forgive you even if your shite match after match, you may even get your own chant! Likewise, I think we want to show Dave Jones and the players just what it means to be a City member of staff.

We aren't your run-of-the-mill championship side, and as yet, haven't been lured into the comfort and apathy that an Ikea all-seater stadium can bring.

We've got the glorious terraces for a few more years yet, and I plan to make as much noise on them while I still can. Judging by the atmosphere tonight, I'm not alone.


The first half was a tight affair, Leeds edged ahead on 22mins when David Healy crossed neatly for Robbie Blake to finish from close range.

Cardiff had a few half chances but communication between the new lads seemed to be a problem, there also seemed to be lack of direction and leadership in midfield.

The half-time whistle blew, cue the Clash's "I fought the law" to blare out of the Tannoys.

The reference needs no explanation. 1-0 at this point seemed a tad unfair, but more worryingly, despite the Cardiff pressure nobody looked like they could step up and make the break through.

Davey Jones take note, no matter how good this side is, we're going nowhere without a new striker. Just ask Mr Burns, he's still bumbling around behind the scenes somewhere.

10 mins into the second half, it felt like the fans sensed something was coming, a five min period of possession and all four sides of the ground steadily turned to volume up, Ninian Park in full voice will never fail to send a tingle down the back of your spine.

On 56 mins Koumas was brought on for his Cardiff city debut and received a rapturous reception.

Four mins later he picked the ball up on the half line, seemed to glide effortlessly 15-20yds before unleashing a curling drive past Neil Sullivan.

Instant city hero. The revival was completed 10 mins later when Matt Kilgallon handled Neil Ardley's cross and another ex-baggie, Darren Purse, coolly slotted home the spot kick in front of a delirious Grange End.

The Ninian of old is BACK, with every stand belting out chant after chant.


I couldn't help but smile at the astonishment of a few of the new boys, clearly in awe at the sheer volume generated from such a comparatively small crowd. This was clearly getting to the Leeds players.

In one particularly funny moment the Grange End were taunting Neil Sullivan who then spanked his goal kick straight into grandstand. He then turned back, head in his shirt and looked on the verge of tears.

Cardiff held out for a nervy last 10 mins and the final whistle blows, "Cardiff City 2, Leeds United 1 courtesy of Peter Risdale" the announcer shouts in reply to the earlier taunts from the away fans.

Grins all round as I leave Ninian park and excited chatter about the season to come fills sloper road.

Report: Jim Cardy.


Cardiff manager Dave Jones:

"I'm not relieved with the result because I thought we were the better team - we had made one mistake in the first half and it cost us a goal.

We kept pegging away and everyone did the jobs we asked of them, even though Jason Koumas will probably get the headlines.

He still has a long way to go to get fully fit and he has done everything asked of him since being at this club."

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