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cardiff city fixtures and results

Celebrities and their sick and twisted obsessions with ...Cardiff City AFC
  • BLUE HEAD = a definite Bluebird
  • RED HEAD = they simply gotta be a City fan!
  • GREEN HEAD = OK. We're pushing it a bit - but you never know, do you?
  • PURPLE HEAD = the feeblest of links, but worth a try, eh?

CCFC Stanley Baker
Forget yer Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burtons, Ray Millands and the Noo Wave of 1990s Cambrian luvvies - the real representative deal when it came to full-on large-style thespianism was Stanley Baker - the square jawed hunka hunka burning method man who lit up the British cinema of the 50s and 60s with his monumental presence and dark charismatic power. But, not only was he one of the greatest actors of his generation, he was also a fan of the mighty mighty Bluebirds, and liked nothing so much as taking his place on the Bob Bank of a Saturday afternoon. Respect to the Zulu posse!

CCFC Neil Kinnock
The Welsh windbag himself, the man who made the first tentative incisions into the body of the British Labour Party to expedite the bloody removal of the bold beating heart of socialism, has confessed to his Bluebird tendencies on many occasions. Spotted frequently at Craven Cottage awaydays, the ginger whinger is the kind of celebrity superfan any self-respecting football club could do without.

CCFC Dannie Abse
The second greatest living Welsh poet ( barking nationalist R.S. Thomas is current top man, having melded metaphysical beauty with trenchant fiery radicalism ) has written extensively and eloquently about his love for the Blues. Check out in particular his fine sepia-tinted meditation on Los Bluebirdos in football anthology Perfect Pitch Vol.1 - Home Ground.

CCFC Ken Follett
Canton-born Follett fled the Keyaaaardiff nest at a formative and impressionable age, but still retains the love of his hometown team which sustains many an exile in the continuing Cymric diaspora. Bouffant of hair, and New Labour lovey of political persuasion, Follett has penned a groaning catalogue of blockbusteresque novels which have amassed the ex South Wales Echo hack a small fortune. Which begs the question - where's yer hard-earned when the team you love is sputtering on a life-support machine at the arse-end of the football league? C'mon Ken, give it up ! ( Check out dandyesque vanity website at

CCFC Ian Brown
A celebrity Bluebird by proxy, the Simian homophobic air stewardess frightening singer (currently banged up at her majesty's pleasure ) enjoys the distinction of being the first popstar to spark off a mini-riot by putting a shirt on. At the final astonishing Stone Roses gig at Newport Centre Brown was moved by wave upon wave of "Bloobirds" chants to pull on the hallowed CCFC away shirt to curry favour with the boisterous and partisan crowd. The Swansea City representation were frankly unamused - cue mini-riot in car park

CCFC ...that bloke from Gene...
Hailing from the wild and windswept rock 'n' roll badlands of Peterston Super Ely ( Big Shout to the Vale Of Glamorgan massive!) Martin Rossiter has liberally sprinkled his journeyman rock career with fond and fraternal messages of support for the Blues, for which he deserves his place in this shambolic hall of fame.

CCFC David Sullivan
Smug porn baron Sullivan is so in love with the team he supported as a child (born and brought up as a Seasider in neighbouring bandit country Penarth, where OAPS frequently cruise the mean streets and perform drive bys at embroidery and crochet shops) he is willing to sacrifice everything to invest in the success of the club, or so he keeps boring the populace of South Wales with in his fortnightly rants in the local papers. So far Mr Sullivan has spent precisely less than one brass farthing in the pursuance of his childhood fantasy. A plush velvet-upholstered seat aboard the relocation to Cardiff Bay Sports Village Ahoy Gravy Train is perhaps what he is really after. Back in your box, Sullivan !

CCFC The Manic Street Preachers
A tad on the tenuous, some might say fictitious, side, the inclusion of the Manics in this blue Rogues' Gallery is predicated upon the entirely suppositional notion that being good ole Blackwood boys and having disported greatly their fondness for the Welsh national team, ver Manics must ipso facto be dyed-in-the-wool card carrying Bluebirds. So come on lads, out of the closet with you ! In truth the biographical details fail to provide this conspiracy theory with a sliver of foundation - James Dean Bradfield being for some godforsaken reason a passionate Notts Forest supporter, Sean Moore being a (snore) Liverpool fan and Nicky Wire "doesn't like football".. (UPDATE: Two reports say that the Manics are CCFC fans!)

CCFC Griff Rhys-Jones
The one time pseudo funny man & partner to fat-faced Mel Smith is as his name suggests Welsh. Further more he is Cardiff born & Cardiff bred. I am reminded of one of those rip-roaring head to head, sketches ,the two were famous for, which pertained to football. The closing line being "Well what do you know about football, you are a Cardiff City Fan!" Boom Boom..

CCFC Rolf Haris
The ever green painter, singer, silly noise maker, wobble board exponent & general renaissance man, was in fact born in Roath. His farther's paintings hang in the museum, or civic center, or somewhere in central Cardiff. My theory for Rolf's Bluebirdyness firstly stems from these roots & secondly, if you were ask Rolf "Do you like Cardiff City?" Rolf being the all-round nice uncle type would say "Yes I do." You can bet your boobies.

CCFC Cerys from Catatonia
References to Kayaardiff show her to be not only a woman of Bute-y but also one of eloquence & perfect pronunciation, wit & intelligence. These are the make up of the Cardiff City fan, even if she was born nearer to Swansea... (actually, the only real city fan in the band is the guitarist, Owen, who is a 100% dyed in the wool City fan - and Bluebird Jones fan!)

CCFC Super Furry Animals.
CD single Picture cover & poster to 'The Man don't give a F**k' features our hero Robin Friday if full Cardiff City Home strip circa mid 70's. The smart one with the yellow & white vertical stripes, that the lego men on this site wore. And if that wasn't enough, the Furries have sunk 10 grand into sponsoring City for mighty FAW Cup (1999-2000 season). Respect due!

CCFC Shakin' Stevens
Straight out of the mean back streets, it's got to be a fair bet that our Shakey is a true blue and when he referred to the 'Green Door' he was singing about the old green door entrance the Grange End.

CCFC Man, Budgie, Sassafras, Racing Cars
Digging deep and scraping the barrel very hard, our experts have suggested that this collection of spent Welsh 70s Rockers learnt their hard rocking trade and hallmark falsettos on the terraces of CCFC.

CCFC Stereophonics
Well, admittedly the evidence is a little thin on the ground, but they hail from close to Cardiff and who else could this top band support?

CCFC Shirley Bassey
Docks girl through &through, was a regular in the Grange end in the early 60's before reaching mega-stardom (we're really not sure about this one: Ed)

CCFC Stan Stennet
Billy something in the Panto at the New Theater every year during the 70's was in fact 100% Cardiff City. During the section of the panto where he would get children to join him on stage, he would make them do the Ayatollah, much to the delight of the panto-punters. His career as an actor was cut short after a derby-day fracas with his Crossroads co-star, Benny the wooly hatted half-wit, who was a Swansea fan.

CCFC Alabama 3
This hot acid country are personal friends of the urban75 crew and feature a fully fledged CCFC supporting singer who can spin many a tale from his time at the Grange End. Perfect rock star credentials.

Have we missed anyone? Do you know any other celebs who share an undying love for Cardiff City? Send us the details - we don't care how feeble and tenuous the link is - and our team of scientists and experts will check it out.

credits: original idea, article and illustration Paul Davies Additional material: Jason Addicott /urban75

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