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New York thumbnail gallery Oct - Nov 2004: 6
Bloomberg Tower under construction, New York, USA
Bloomberg Tower underway
Mud Truck Coffee shop, New York, USA
Mud Truck Coffee shop
Holiday Lounge, St. Marks Place, New York, USA
Holiday Lounge, St. Marks
Nelson Tower and steam, New York, USA
Nelson Tower and steam
Williamsburg Bridge view, New York, USA
Williamsburg Bridge view
Williamsburg graffiti, New York, USA
Williamsburg graffiti
Williamsburg street scene, New York, USA
Williamsburg street scene
Old clothes, Russian cathedral, New York, USA
Old clothes, Russian cathedral
End of the road, New York, USA
End of the road, W'Burg
Looking over to Manhattan, New York, USA
Looking to Manhattan
Bedford Avenue Graffiti, New York, USA
Bedford Avenue Graffiti
Bedford Avenue Graffiti, New York, USA
Bedford Avenue Graffiti
Read Cafe, Bedford Ave, New York, USA
Read Cafe, Bedford Ave
Golden car, New York, USA
Golden car, W'burg
Car with lips, Williamsburg, New York, USA
Car with lips, Williamsburg
Clovis Press, Williamsburg, New York, USA
Clovis Press, Williamsburg
Verb Cafe, Bedford Avenue, New York, USA
Verb Cafe, Bedford Avenue
Stencil graffit, New York, USA
Stencil graffit W'burg
Empire State from Williamsburg, New York, USA
Empire State from Williamsburg
Bedford Avenue afternoon, New York, USA
Bedford Avenue afternoon
Bedford Ave street market, New York, USA
Bedford Ave street market
Reagan stencils, New York, USA
Reagan stencils, W'Burg
Painted People, Driggs Ave, New York, USA
Painted People, Driggs Ave
Artist at work, Read Cafe, New York, USA
Artist at work, Read Cafe
Williamsburg Bar
, New York, USA
Williamsburg Bar afternoon
Williamsburg Water Tower, New York, USA
Williamsburg Water Tower
Williamsburg Bridge, New York, USA
Williamsburg Bridge view
Newspaper reader, W'Burg, New York, USA
Newspaper reader, W'Burg
Watching the marathon, New York, USA
Watching the marathon
New York Marathon, New York, USA
New York Marathon
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