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Q: Validating your HTML
by Mike Slocombe

Q: How do you clear the 'visited' status of page links? In a stylesheet I have the link colour as red, the hover colour as blue and the visited colour as yellow, but once I have tried it all out the links stay yellow. Exiting and refreshing, even deleting all temp internet files has no effect. How do I get IE to forget that the pages have been visited?
S Rogers

A: The easiest way to get IE to 'forget' about the links it has visited it to simply go to 'tools' -> 'internet options' and press the 'clear history' button (there's also an option to set the amount of days you wish to pages in your browser history).

That should do the trick, but if those darn links are still showing up as 'visited', there are a host of utilities available to do blast them off your machine for good.

My favourite is Window Washer, which will permanently blitz all mention of visited sites from your PC with options to clean out your browser cache, cookies, history, auto-complete forms and more.

May 2004

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