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Automatically clearing search/text boxes
by Mike Slocombe

Q: I've noticed that on some sites, simply clicking on a search box or a text box makes the displayed text instantly disappear. I want that for my site! How do I do it?
R Gibbons

A: This handy effect is achieved with just a few lines of JavaScript. Firstly, add the following code in the <HEAD> </HEAD> part of your document:

<script type="text/javascript">
function clearDefault(el) {
if (el.defaultValue==el.value) el.value = ""
// -->

Then use this script in your search/text box:

Email: <INPUT TYPE=text VALUE="E-Mail Address" ONFOCUS="clearDefault(this)"><BR>
Search: <INPUT TYPE=text VALUE="Search Text" ONFOCUS="clearDefault(this)">

Here's an example of the script in action:


More info: Automatically Clear Default Form Values

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