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It's proved difficult to keep our reports updated, so this section now primarily serves as an archive section, with only occasional updates. For more recent info, check out our Protest, demo and protests section. If you go to visit the camps, do 'em a favour and take along some much needed essentials like food, drink and whatever else you can think of...

Protest/Road Camps. Last updated: 18.06.05

Nine Ladies Victory! Friday, 17 June, 2005
Campaigners have won the latest battle in a dispute over quarrying at a beauty spot in the Peak District after the Court of Appeal ruled that Lees Cross and Endcliffe quarries, near Matlock in Derbyshire, should remain "dormant".

Protesters have been living in trees and tunnels at the site for five years to prevent any more quarrying.

Stancliffe Stone had appealed against an earlier High Court decision not to intervene on the issue.

More info

BLACKWOOD CAMP: 26th March 2004

The ten year campaign to protect St Davids Wood at Blackwood (See SchNEWS 441) from being turned into the access road for an industrial area is in its final stage.

This week the camps protecting the woods were evicted - but it's not too late to defend the last camp - get down there now, but ring the first on 07811 948764 or 07708 420446.

Bailiffs and cops moved in on Tuesday, securing the land over the next few days. A cordon is now ringed around the site, but some of the camp still exists outside the cordon.


This eviction was done on dodgy legal grounds because it is taking place during an appeal against the legality of the whole project.

If the appeal goes in favour of the protesters the eviction will have been illegal and Costain - the project contractors, the bailiffs and police could all be found in contempt of court.

It is notable that police haven't charged anyone for resisting the eviction - knowing the dubious legal status of the operation. Residents from the camp told SchNEWS that the bailiffs had been bought in for Blackwood and would be moving onto Sherwood Forest or Nine Ladies next.

* The Sherwood Forest tree camp have won a two month reprieve due to the council agreeing to an independent inquiry into the feasibility of the road junction.

* It seems that a whole load of road schemes could be resurrected, but in typical Neo-Labour spin, these are to be "re-branded": so the Hastings Bypass becomes the "Bexhill to Hastings Link Road"; the Salisbury bypass becomes the "Harnham relief road and Brunel link" and even the Arundel bypass rejected last July may rear its ugly head again soon, all this comes after the Government abandoned its target of reducing congestion and say car growth will grow by a fifth by 2011.

A new protest camp has been set up near the site where the anti-roads movement kicked off in the early nineties. Anyone in the vicinity who can spare some time and cares about this matter please do come down and protest with us, once this land has gone we will never get it back. There is a travellers site and a camp nearby for anyone interested. Bar End is accessible from the St. Cross and Bar End junctions of Winchester, Junction 11 being the easiest.
For directions phone or text
07751 119 277
07739 342 738

ARUNDEL West Sussex
SUPPORT is needed NOW for a new anti-road protest camp that has been set up in beautiful woodland in West Sussex. It is on Tortington Common, on the route of the proposed new A27 Arundel bypass. If you can join the camp this summer, get down there as soon as possible everyone is welcome for as long as they want to stay. The camp is to the west of Arundel, about 15 minutes walk north of Ford railway station on the main South Coast railway line, with direct trains from Worthing, Brighton and Portsmouth. For further directions contact 07736 964653 or 07792248192 - text messages are more likely to get through.

Anti bypass protest camp welcomes vistors to come for short or long stays, or even just to pop by for a cup of tea. Take the A701 (number 37/37a) Towards Penicuik & you'll come to the village of Bilston (8 miles south of Edinburgh). Just as you come into the village there is a metal gated footpath (opposite the large VW garage), go through this & down the path till you come to the bridge, & you'll see us.

For more info on all the protest camps, wish lists etc.....
Road Alert site


Protest/Road Camps ARCHIVE. (22.04.01)

Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry Campaign, set up to defend the historic and beautiful wildlife site on Stanton Moor Hillside could be facing eviction soon. People are urgently needed to defend the camp. 0797 404 9369 http//
background info

Glen of the Downs
Ireland's first road protest site against the extension of the European superhighway has largely disbanded due to the jailing and intimidation of protesters. There is still a camp but those going will need to provide for themselves. 0035 314973773

Essex: The various protest camps against housing developments in Essex have now been evicted, but the campaign still continues with ongoing actions. 020 74503599

Ashingdon, near Hockley Wood
Evicted April 2000

Manchester Airport
The camps are in National Trust owned woodland, but despite that Manchester airport want the trees chopped cos they might block radar signals. Directions: near Oversley Lodge Farm, Altrincham R., Styal, Wilmslow, Cheshire. Tel 0161 225 4863/07931 931850
Update: 18.7.99:
Protesters who have been living in tree houses in the National Trust owned Arthur's Wood since last summer, occupied the Trust HQ in London on Wednesday. The woodland is situated adjacent to Manchester Airport's controversial Runway 2 and the airport authority want to chop down the trees because they reckon they will block radar signals.The Trust granted a license to the Airport to fell the woods and to evict the campaigners in direct contravention to the Trust Act of 1907 which states' They shall by all lawful means prevent resist and abate all enclosures and encroachments upon and all attempts to enclose or encroach upon such property or any part thereof...'. Obviously this decision has nothing to do with the fact that the Airport is a sponsor of nearby Quarry bank Mill ,owned by the National Trust, and apparently used to host conferences for the airport, AMEC and Tarmac.

The protester's recent appeal in the Lords was rejected so eviction could be anytime. The good news is that Wednesdays occupation has resulted in the Trust agreeing to talk with the protesters. And Manchester Airport have had to pull out of their plans to build a massive staff car park on Green Belt land after it was called in for a public inquiry due to the large number of protests.Contact Tel:0161 225 4863/0961-517324


Siston Common, Bristol Protest camp set up against the Avon Ring Road. See more here.

GORSE WOOD, ESSEX Anti-road camp set up to stop the A170 bypass from Chelmsford to Southend, to be built under the Private Finance Inititive Scheme. More info: Update: 10.02.00 Gorse Wood evicted.

07957 915977 (report: 11.01.00)

Nantwich The first protest camp has been set up to stop a housing development in Nantwich near Crewe. The proposed 500 house estate and 4 mile road threatens rare Black Poplars, (only 2,000 left in the UK), an orchard and hedge rows, some of which are up to 30 foot thick! The camp already has 4 treehouses, a tunnel and a tower. There is unaminous local support with even local builders donating materials. For directions ring 01270 560645 (report: 21.10.98)


Faslane:Still hassling the Trident nuclear base next door after 18 years! The latest is that there's a massive development under construction on the west bank of Loch Lomond. Trees have been cut down, a long-established swan's nest trashed, 2 lagoons filled in, so a golf course, hotel/lodges can be built. People are badly needed, a camp is planned and there's strong local support. 5th July there's a Reclaim the Loch meet Balloch train Station 11am. 01436 820901

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp: Every 2nd weekend of the month, outside the atomic weapons establishment in Berkshire. More info 0170 355 4434 or 0122 2396563. Bring usual tents, instruments and sense of humour!!

Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp: always stuff happening. 01943 468593.

Sellafield Women's Peace Camp: Bi-monthly camp. More info 0141 226 5066 or 0113 262 1534.

Yellow Gate, Greenham Common, Newbury, Berks. Tel: 01374 136728. Between 7-9.30pm only. Permanent camp outside main gate of Greenham Common. Organises information about and actions against, the production of trident at Aldermaster and Burghfield. (update: 09.05.99)

Alvis: Camped in Coventry outside the company that sells Scorpion tanks to Indonesia. Regular events including music nights on Thursdays. Aiming to get a permanent office through a local housing co-op. Get down there and give yer support! Info 01926 338805 or 0336 774113.


PRESSMENNAN WOOD campaign in Scotland exposing how the bureaucratic process was rigged, and also talks about the importance of ancient woods especially their use in alchemy. The woodland is still under threat despite ancient woodland covering a mere 1% of Scotland - over 300 of the trees are due to be felled in the autumn. To get involved email To buy the book send £5 (includes postage) to Potent Productions c/o PO Box 1021,Edinburgh. EH8 9PW

Lyminge Forest: After battling against the Rank organisation for a couple of years (who want to build a massive leisure complex), the camp has almost won against the entertainment giants. Rank have lost interest, but there's a rumour that planning permission may be sold to Center Parcs.The local council in Kent wants to sell the land, but will have to do so by August. Tel: 01303 257046. More info here or call Merlin on 0468 945595 (update: 09.05.99) .

Epsom, South London RARR - Residents Against the Relief Road in Epsom, South London. Protesters evicted (Dec 99). If you can help protect lots of trees in a beautiful park from destruction then call 01372 727014 or 0370 878920 for info/directions (dated: 21.05.98)

Avon Ring Road The Camp to stop 'Bristols answer to the M25' was recently evicted. A fun day and further actions are planned for 28th July. 0797 9990389 (report: 27.0699)

Birmingham Northern Relief Road:
(the site has been evicted. See updates page for more info) Weekly protests every Thursday outside the offices of the company heading the project. Also picnics every Saturday on the route of the proposed road. Contact ATOM 07818 687742
The campaign to stop England's first toll motorway continues despite the camp being evicted last Friday. The road will be 27 miles long and will pave the way for greenbelt expansion along its route. A new camp is promised soon. 07931 161761 (update: 26.06.99)


Nottingham: contact 01636 679979 or 0467317649 for details as to what's happening.

Derby: Anti-Road protest through inner-city green space. Lots going on at site, excellent local support. Contact 07970-318397 for details/directions/happenings. update: 21.09.98 Victory! Campaigners up the trees at the Bass Recreation Ground in Derby are coming back down to earth following a Council decision to change road plans. Instead of going through the Park the road will now shave away the verge.

Crystal Palace: Protesters have been evicted although there's still active local support and forthcoming actions. More info here

Bangor: contact 01248 351541 or 0836 563980 for details e-mail: - the camp is protesting against a greenbelt housing development.

Ashton Court, Bristol: 20 acre quarry extension into Ashton Court public park. 0467 430211. More info here

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