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Brixton club guide with reviews and rankings
Brixton club rankings and reviews

Brixton: club reviews
It's getting harder to distinguish between clubs and pubs with music these days, so we've included some bars/pubs in the listings. Our advice is to try and avoid the big weekend nights and check out some of the less packed nights in the week. Note: many of the clubs close early in the week if the crowds are small - check before setting out.

we like!we like!BRIXTON ACADEMY Brixton/Ferndale Rd SW9PHOTO
One of the most famous major venues in Britain, the Academy plays host to regular major concerts and occasional club nights. We've had some blinding nights there. Photo: Manics at the Academy
websitephone 0207 7771 2000

we like!we like!we like!BUG BAR St Matthews Church, Brixton Hill SW9
Situated in the crypt below St Matthews Church, the Bug Bar is a great starting point for a night on the town. Intimate, dark and friendly, there's good nights with drum'n'bass, reggae and house on the decks along with the occasional live band and comedy night. Beer's a bit expensive but it's usually free to get in on weekdays and stays open till 1am (2am Fri/Sat).
websitephone020 7738 3184


we like!we like!we like!CLUB 414 414 Coldharbour Lane SW9
Small, dark and relaxed, the 414 plays thumping hard house and techno from Thurs to Sunday, open till 6am with reasonable admission prices - especially if you get there early. Our favourite night has to be Nuclear Free with the Liberators - loud, hot and sweaty. Nice!
website phone 0207 7924 9322

we like!we like!PRINCE OF WALES/DEX 469, Coldharbour Lane SW9
This landmark pub's brief spell as an upmarket restaurant/bar called 'Harlem Soul Food' met with disaster and disinterest. After a lengthy reconstruction job, it's now been rebranded as The Prince & Dex Club.
The downstairs pub has a late licence while the exquisitely restored upstairs 'Dex Club' is a members only affair and well worth a visit. There's also a 'boutique' hotel on the top floor. In the boozer, there's free wi-fi with any bar purchase, making it a good place for daytime meetings. We wouldn't advise waving your expensive laptops on the corner outside the pub, though.
See: Prince of Wales: 'Then and Now'

we like!we like!DOGSTAR 389 Coldharbour Lane SW9
The Dogstar remains a hit and miss affair - go there on a good night and you're in for a real treat, but it can be a different story on some nights where the place seems full of lager lads on the pull. A recent lounge/bordello redecoration has done wonders for the ambience, and if you're not put off by the prospect of a full body pat down by bouncers as you enter, the Dog's always worth a punt. Admission is free weekdays (open till 2am, 4am weekends with admission charge).
website phone 0207 733 7515


we like!THE FRIDGE 1 Town Hall Parade, Brixton Hill
Mainly hosting hard dance parties on rotation (Convergence, Antiworld, Logic, Twisted, Recoverworld etc) with one-off gay nights (Love Muscle) and the occasional live band. Admission varies but is generally around £8 - £12.
» Brix Town Special at the Fridge
website phone 020 7326 5100

we like!we like!FRIDGE BAR 1 Town Hall Parade, Brixton Hill
Right next door to the Fridge, this is a small and friendly joint with a busy street level bar and a delightfully sleazy dark dancefloor downstairs. Friday - Sunday is R'n'B, Soul classics, Hip Hop and Drum'n'Bass. For hard core clubbers, there's 'After Parties' on Saturday and Sunday morning, running from 5.30am through to about 11am. Check out Monday (reggae dub) and Tuesdays (live bands). Admission is free weekdays (open till 2am, 4am weekends).
website phone 020 7326 5100

Stewart Lee at Offline Club, JAMM
we like!we like!we like!BRIXTON JAMM 261, Brixton Rd, Brixton, SW9 6LH.
It's a little way out of Brixton, but it's got one of the best in-house sound systems in London, with a great stage for live acts. The staff are friendly, the beer prices reasonable and we thoroughly recommend the place.

LIVING 443 Coldharbour La SW9PHOTO
Currently closed - see Living Bar/Coach and Horses feature.
websiteemail phone 020 7326 4040

we like!we like!MASS CLUB St Matthews Church, Brixton Hill SW9
Situated above the Bug bar, Mass is a sizeable venue with a good reputation for their hard house nights on the weekend. A converted church, it's dark and dingy interior plays host to some of the best nights in London, although the two rooms can get a bit rammed.
websitephone 020 7738 7875


we like!MEDUSSA CLUB Barrington Rd/Coldharbour La SW9
Out-of-the-way, low profile, two roomed club playing roots/techno/dub (depending on the night). Open till 6am.

we like!we like!PLAN B 418 Brixton Road SW9
This stylish 300 capacity bar/club is squeezed into the site of the old Wimpey bar. The narrow entrance opens up into a large dance floor, with a long bar stretching along the back wall. There's a good sound system, cocktails and food and unlike many bars, they serve pints after 11pm too. Opening Times: Sun-Thurs noon-2am/ Fri-Sat noon -4am (Bar Food: Sun-Thurs noon-3pm, 6-10pm, Fri-Sat 6-10pm
» Brixton Rocks! at Plan B
websiteemail phone 08701 165 421

we like!we like!SUBSTATION SOUTH 9 Brighton Terrace, SW9
Now closed.

we like! WHITE HORSE 94 Brixton Hill SW2
With the pool table giving way to more seating space, the White Horse is a great midweek chilled out venue, with d'n'b, techno and house taking over on weekends. The pub serves a mixture of reasonably-priced Mexican and Italian food wup to 10pm - and check out their excellent all-day Sunday Roast too! Open until midnight Sunday - Thursday and 2am Friday - Saturday.
websiteemail phone 020 8678 6666

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