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Brixton ten cool things to do
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Brixton: 10 cool things
Our hand-picked selection of ten cool things to do in and around Brixton - check 'em out and tell us what you think!

1. Tea in Brockwell Park
Spend the afternoon walking around this huge park and give yourself a well earned cup of tea and cake in the back-to-basics cafe at the top of the hill - or watch the swimmers go by in the Brockwell Park Lido. photo

2. Go shopping for clothes
Brixton's got some great street markets. Brixton Station Rd Market is the place to go for cheap, second hand clothes. photo

3. Get drunk
There's a huge choice of mighty fine hostelries around, but for a traditional, friendly booze-up, look no further than the Prince Albert on Coldharbour Lane. Real ale types will *heart* the Trinity while for live Jazz, the Effra can't be beat. photo

4. Catch a film
The Ritzy is one of the best independent cinemas in London, covering mainstream blockbusters through to arthouse films, with two excellent bars for a post-film quaff. photo

5. Food shopping
Why waste your money on the enormo-supermarkets when you can get great food cheaper from the markets? Our tip: check out the fantastic Portuguese Deli (corner Atlantic/Brixton Rd) and stock up on their glorious fresh bread, olives and mozzarella. photo


6. See trendy Brixton!
Slip on your ¾ length trousers and propel your silver scootstick down to the Living Room and laugh at the people before going to a decent boozer. photo

7. Do some art
Check out the free galleries at the Brixton Art Gallery and the photo exhibitions at Photofusion photo

8. Midweek jazz
Listen to some great jazz for free in the small and friendly Effra Hall Tavern, Kellet Rd SW2. photo

9. Go mental
If thumping, loud hard house and techno is your thing, get yourself down to this small, hot, friendly and extremely lively 414 Club photo

10. Sundays at the Lounge
Recover from the weekend and catch up on all the Sunday papers with some fine coffee at our favourite Brixton cafe! photo

We want to hear your suggestions!
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Here's some of your suggestions so far:
Have a full English breakfast at the Pheonix and a chat with the friendly people who run it....Buy a reggae compilation CD at the stall in Electric Avenue. Have a (literary) chat in the Index Bookstore....Get barred from a style bar....Go & browse through the 2nd hand bookshop next to the Pheonix Cafe for an hour or so. Then leave with an arm full of excellent books....Sing along with the Christians in Windrush Square....Go for a stroll and spliffette in Brockwell park at 7.30 in the mornin' on a beautiful wintery, dewy bright day...and sneak a go on the see-saw whilst no-one's looking....


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Brixton guide homepage Brixton features Brixton photos Brixton history Brixton bars, clubs and pubs - a guide Brixton restaurants, cafes and greasy spoons Brixton info, useful numbers, resources etc

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