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Fatal stabbing in Brixton Market, Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, SW9,  Saturday 12 January 2008
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Stabbing in Brixton Market
Tragic, senseless murder shocks Brixton shopkeepers and residents.
(20th December 2006. Report by editor. © urban75)

According to news reports, this tragic pre-meditated murder was over a stolen 20p orange.

Khalil Nasseri, 24, had been visiting the grocers owned by his cousin Asad when he was stabbed to death by a gang of men, one of whom had tried to steal the orange two days earlier.

The man was caught taking the fruit on Thursday and told to leave, but vowed revenge. On Saturday evening it is believed he returned with four friends.

Mr Nasseri, who had nothing to do with the initial dispute, had been outside the shop, helping two others clear up, when all three were set upon at MS Nasseri Quality Fruit and Vegetables in Electric Avenue, Brixton.

Asad Nasseri said: "On Thursday a man had come into the shop and tried to walk out without paying for an orange. There was an argument and the guy left, saying 'I'll be back'. "

The owner of a neighbouring shop said the man returned to the greengrocers later that evening with seven or eight others but found it closed.

Mr Nasseri said the man and four others returned at about 7.30pm on Saturday. "They stabbed Khalil from behind and attacked the other two with a hammer and knives," he added. "Khalil... had nothing to do with it. "

Khalil had studied medicine in Afghanistan and hoped to return to become a doctor like his father, Mr Nasseri said: "He was so intelligent and talented. "

Police said the stabbing involved a black gang and Asian victims. Witnesses should call the incident room at Sutton on 020 8721 4155.
external link Evening Standard

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008
A steady stream of people were stopping in front of the flowers, reading the notices and quietly giving their respects.

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008
The notice reads:

To the public and communities in Brixton

This is to inform you that a vigil will be held here* on Saturday the 19th of January between 6pm - 6:30pm at this place in rememberance of Khalil Nasseri, who was brutally murdered here on 12th January 2008. The vigil will be a mark of respect for the soul of a young man who was loved by all members of Brixton Community and the public at large.

Khalil was about to get married in this coming February but sadly it was not to be, he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

The vigil will also bring all the communities in Brixton together and to show their solidarity for the victims of this terrible crime.

Elias And Stewart
Members of Trading Community of Brixton


Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008
Note taped on to the shutters of the closed store.

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008
Police incident signs.

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008

Murder, Atlantic Road, Brixton, Saturday 12 January 2008

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Brixton stabbing

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