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Part Worn Res, deconstructing tyre garage sign on Coldharbour Lane Brixton London SW9
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Brixton: deconstructing sign
I've always liked the look of this old used tyre garage on Coldharbour Lane, and occasionally take a snap when I'm passing.

Over the years, the sign has slowly fallen apart giving the garage increasingly surreal names, from 'Part Worn Tyres' to ' Part Voi Res' to 'P Bal'.

After two years of slow deconstruction, the last letter finally blew off in April 2003.

Part Worn Tyres
'Part Worn Tyres, Balancing - Repairs'
Dec 1998: the full sign in all its glory, with the company's name big and bold letters. Underneath can be seen the words, 'Balancing - Repairs' followed by three bright red 'Kumho Tyres' signs. The entire ensemble is crowned by a neat, smart and symmetrical tyre display. Nice!

Part Worn Res
'Part Worn Res, Balancing - Repairs'
Aug 2001: The winter has taken its toll on the sign. With two letters down, and the first 'Kumho Tyres' sign broken, let the deconstruction begin!!

Par Voi Res
'Par Voi Res, Balancing'
Nov 2001: the garage takes on a pleasing French-sounding name, suggesting, perhaps, an obscure Dadaist piece. The 'Kumho Tyres' signs are starting to fade badly.

Par Voi Re
'Par Voi Re, Balancing'
Feb 2002: winter gales sees off the letter 'S' although the remaining two and a half 'Kumho Tyres' signs are sticking fast.

Par Re
'Par Re, Balancing'
Feb 2002: the chilly February gales see off the middle section

'Par, Balancing'
May 2002: the 'R' has broken loose and is now obscuring the letter 'E'. Some feeble attempt at patching up the sign has resulted in two banners being stuck on.

'Par, Balancing'
Oct 2002: one of the banners has flown away, while the 'PAR' part of the sign hangs on for dear life. The arty roof tyre display continues to evolve into new shapes. The 'Kumho Tyres' signs are now nearly completely faded.

'Par, Balancing'
Jan 2003: whoops! There goes the yellow banner! Meanwhile, the tyre display continues to get more abstract

'P Bal'
Mar 2003: the minimalistic look! Only the solitary letter 'P' remains of the garage name, while the on-roof tyre display looks a little untended...

' - '
Apr 2003: it's all over! While the tyre display on the roof has settled into a 2 - 2 - 1 - 2 formation, the letter 'P' has finally bitten the dust, dangling forlornly to the left.

Part Worn Res, October 2003
' - '
Oct 2003: Six months on and there's no sign of the letters returning, although the two and a half 'Kumho Tyres' signs are clinging on, albeit now completely faded to white. Nice to see the creative roof tyre display looking so sharp again!
Disaster! July 2004

July 2004: Disaster! Suddenly, large wooden hoardings appeared around the premises and a brief chat with a bloke in a hard hat confirmed my worst fears: 'Part Worn Res' is no more!

Demolished, August 2004

Gone forever!
August 2004: a few days after closure, the building was demolished and the site cleared (I had to hold my camera under the hoarding to grab this photo).

The premises have been bought up by a property developer and three low rise blocks will soon replace the much-loved tyre shop.

Goodbye Part Worn Res. You'll be missed on Coldharbour Lane!

Demolished, August 2004

Update: August 2009
After a long, long build - delayed for a year after the original developer went bust - the new 'luxury' flats on the site of the tyre shop reach completion.


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