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Transport information to Brixton  London SW9 and SW2
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Brixton: transport
Tube/train/bus travel information for visitors to Brixton.

Travel details: tube - train - bus - cab - mini-cab

Brixton is the southern terminus of the busy Victoria line which runs from Walthamstow in NE London, passing through Finsbury Park, Kings Cross, Euston, Oxford Circus and Victoria. Although the tube service is generally reliable, remember it is not 24 hour and some first/last trains are occasionally cancelled.

Northbound (leaving Brixton):
First train 05:27 (Mon - Sat), 06:52 (Sunday)
Last train 00:27 (Mon - Sat), 11:51 (Sunday)

Southbound (leaving Oxford Circus):
First train 05:35 (Mon - Sat), 07:07 (Sunday)
Last train 00:29 (Mon - Sat), 23:49 (Sunday)

More info: London Underground website. Travel enquiries: 020 7222 1234. Use the London Underground Tube Planner or the Transport for London (TFL) Planner to plan your journey across London.

Fact! Brixton is the ninth busiest station in London, with an average of 27,000 passengers travelling through it every day. The station also sports the world's busiest scissors crossover!


Brixton's less-than-savoury rail station on Atlantic Road offers a fast train service into central London, whisking you into Victoria in a mere seven minutes. The station is situated two minutes away from the tube station (turn right and then first left up Atlantic Road. Climb the stairs to access the elevated station)

To Victoria (leaving Brixton):
First train 05:09 (Mon - Sat), 7:20 (Sunday)
Last train 23:21 (Mon - Sat), 22:50 (Sunday)

To Brixton (leaving Victoria):
First train 05:38 (Mon - Sat), 07:38 (Sunday)
Last train 23:38 (Mon - Sat), 23:08 (Sunday)

Situated half way down Coldharbour Lane betwixt Camberwell and Brixton, this station is on the handy Thameslink line, offering services north to Luton via Elephant & Castle, Blackfriars, King's Cross and West Hampstead and south to Wibledon via Streatham and Sutton. Click here for Thameslink timetables

More rail info: National Rail - 'gateway to Britain's National rail network' (whatever that means), Network Rail timetable information.


Brixton is served 24 hours a day by a wide selection of bus/night buses, with all the major routes passing outside the tube station.

More info: London Buses website. Travel enquiries: 020 7222 1234. Use the TFL Planner to plan your journey across London.

Licensed black cabs are the safest way to travel to and from Brixton, but getting one to go south of the river can be problematic. They're expensive too, with fares starting at £1.40 and increasing by 20p per minute up to £8.60, then by 20p every 30 seconds.

The prices go up after 8pm - 6am and you'll be expected to tip 10%-15% too. You can pre-book black cabs with these companies: Computer Cab 020 7432 1432, Radio Taxis 020 7272 0272 and Dial-A-Cab 020 7253 5000. Be very wary of unlicensed street mini cabs.

More info: Public Carriage Office - fare information and searchable database of Licenced Private Hire Operators

Brixton is crawling with dodgy, unlicensed mini cabs, usually seen hawking their trade outside busy pubs and clubs. Use with caution.

Although they're invariably cheaper than black cabs, be sure to fully agree the exact price before getting in. We'd never advise single women to use these cabs - use a licensed cab instead.

urban75 readers recommend:
P&L Car Hire, 166, Acre Lane SW2, 020 7274 1133
Page Transport (formerly Brockwell Cabs) 020 7733 3333
Reliable Radio Cars 299 Railton Rd, SE24, 020 8671 6666
Browns Cars Tulse Hill, 020 8671 7878, 020 7266 3636


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