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Bluebird Jones

Bluebird Jones issue 4

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Bluebird Jones: a short history

So what was the comic all about then?

Well, as mad supporters of a...err...pretty average football team, we know all about the considerable trials and tribulations of life at the bottom of the football pile.

Bluebird Jones was created in an attempt to reflect the strange kind of fun that can be had supporting a lower division team and also as a means to address some issues that we felt to be important.

Way back in 1993, it seemed that every Cardiff City fan was instantly branded as a racist thug, so I wanted to reflect what I felt was the true demographic of the terraces.

Described by the Big Issue as a "blend of cartoon humour, right-on politics and football", Bluebird Jones took on bigger issues such as racism and homophobia as well as footie.

The comic soon started to build up a healthy reputation, attracting mainstream media coverage in magazines such as i-D and The Face.

At one point it was the fastest selling Small Press Comic in the UK, selling 1,000 copies in a few hours!

Many of the cartoons were donated and reproduced in fellow fanzines up and down the country, from Arsenal to Man Utd, with all profits going to our Football Fans Against the Criminal Justice Act campaign.

The problem with running your own fanzine is the sheer time taken putting the thing together, the cost of printing (A4, 32 page comics weren't cheap to produce!) and the considerable effort needed to flog them.

I had to lug huge bags full of comics to football grounds and clatter home with pockets full of one pound coins!

Bluebird Jones reached its final issue, number five, way back in 1995 and by that time the football campaign had moved on to this website, and was reaching a far bigger audience.

But Bluebird Jones isn't dead and buried yet! I'm slowly working on new strips and we'll be putting up some new strips when time permits.

We've also got a handful of copies left of issues 3 and 5 for a two each - collectors items!

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