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june 18th international day of protest june 18th international day of protest june 18th international day of protest
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  violent conduct

We received this report anonymously along with the horrific picture of the girl being run over by a police van (see photos). It is unedited.

I went with some friends to London that day, and was in amongst the panic that resulted in a woman getting run over by a police van. I'm emailing you a photograph that I took of this event as I feel it needs to be seen (sorry it's a bit blurry, it was a bit of a crazy situation, I was trying to get out of the way myself). I've heard reports of the incident saying that the woman had been jumping on top of the van and she'd fallen off, which, as it all happened right in front of me, I know is not true.

The policeman who was driving that van had absolutely no concern for the safety of anyone, and was hell-bent on getting out, no matter who didn't have the time to flee. The woman who ended up under its wheels had run forward, away from a vehicle whose speed increased beyond anyone's sprint, lifting her onto its bonnet before she could dodge it. She didn't stand a chance. In a way it's lucky she fell as she did, as you can see from the photo, a couple of feet this way and her head would have met rubber not her legs.


The van just accelerated away, in full knowledge of what had happened. It took nearly half an hour for an ambulance to arrive. I heard a policewoman saying that they had no way of knowing which streets were blocked off so the ambulance was probably driving round and round, back on itself. What a fucking load of bullshit...

I am disgusted by the behaviour of the police and by the subsequent reporting of this event. On saturday when I processed my film, I was tempted to send the picture to the press, but was put off the idea after being enlightened to the facts (unconfirmed by me) that under the Criminal Justice act the police had the powers to search my premises and take my films as evidence when they found out who I was.

Tell me if I'm wrong, perhaps I'm being too paranoid, but there's no way I want to let any evidence that condems police action get back into their hands, I'm sure that once they'd used the film for their own purposes it would 'go missing' or something, I'm sure I'd never see it again. I also wouldn't trust that even if a paper did publish the photograph they would present it in the right context.


I know what I saw, it was mighty shocking, and I feel someone needs to put the truth forward. I don't condone the actions of a few who taunted the police in the lead up to this happening - this was supposed to be a peaceful protest - but the reaction of that policeman, or all those policemen who were in those vans, was inexcuseable.

Please feel free to put this photo up on your site if you feel it appropriate, along with an explanation. I don't want to create hostility, I just want to spread the truth.

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