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New York thumbnail gallery Oct/Nov 2004: 1
Flying into New York, New York, USA
Flying into New York
Billboards in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Billboards in Brooklyn
Approaching Midtown Tunnel, New York, USA
Approaching Midtown Tunnel
Car lot graffiti, Little Italy, New York, USA
Car lot graffiti, Little Italy
Customised street crossing sign, New York, USA
Customised street crossing sign
Night steam, Lower East Side, New York, USA
Night steam, Lower East Side
Grilled Cheese NYC, Ludlow Street, New York, USA
Grilled Cheese NYC, Ludlow St
Living Room, New York, USA
Living Room, Ludlow Street
Union Sq Greenmarket, New York, USA
Union Sq Greenmarket
Soap seller, Union Sq, New York, USA
Soap seller, Union Sq, Midtown
Pumpkins Galore, Union Square, New York, USA
Pumpkins Galore, Union Square
Police on patrol, Union Sq, New York, USA
Police on patrol, Union Sq
Street scene, Lafayette Ave, New York, USA
Street scene, Lafayette Ave
9/11 Memorial tiles, 7th Ave, New York, USA
9/11 Memorial tiles, 7th Ave
Misty Manhattan, Little Italy, New York, USA
Misty Manhattan, Little Italy
Subway breakdancers, 34th St, New York, USA
Subway breakdancers
Yellow cabs and mist, Broadway New York, USA
Yellow cabs and mist, Broadway
Vote Kerry pumpkin, New York, USA
Vote Kerry pumpkin, LE Side
Joe Strummer graffiti , New York, USA
Joe Strummer graffiti
Painting/Sprinklers, SoHo, New York, USA
Painting/Sprinklers, SoHo
Ludlow Street in the mist, New York, USA
Ludlow Street in the mist
Pink Pony, Ludlow St , New York, USA
Pink Pony, Ludlow St
Rays Pizza, 1986-2005, New York, USA
Rays Pizza SoHo, 1986-2005
Halloween at The Raven Bar, New York, USA
Halloween at The Raven Bar
Halloween costume, The Raven, New York, USA
Halloween costume, The Raven
CBCB, OMFUG, Bowery, New York, USA
Halloween Parade, New York, USA
Halloween Parade, 6th Ave
Fire juggler, Halloween, New York, USA
Fire juggler, Halloween
Neon Psychic sign, New York, USA
Neon Psychic sign, 7th Ave
Le Petit Versailles, New York, USA
Le Petit Versailles, Ave B
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