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Flight Club - click to play FLIGHT CLUB:
A Java interactive glider simulation

by Dan Burton

Click here to launch the applet or check out the instructions below.

A glider over the flatlands
A glider over the flatlands

Welcome to Flight Club, an online gliding simulator.
The gliders look a bit like hang-gliders. However, imagine them to be paragliders or sailplanes if you prefer; the same rules apply...

Circling under a cloud
Circling under a cloud

Cumulus clouds are fed by bubbles of warm rising air, called thermals. By using thermals, glider pilots are able fly long distances. When you fly into a thermal you should circle to stay in the lift and climb up to cloud base.

Your vario will start beeping when you are in a thermal.

Gliders ridge soaring
Gliders ridge soaring

Ridge Lift
Hills produce lift as the wind flows over them. A glider may ridge soar by flying back and forth in the rising air in front of the hill.

Glider pilots also like hills because they function as reliable thermal triggers.

A cloud street
A cloud street

Your mission
Fly as far as you can. When the sun begins to set the last cumulus clouds will evaporate. So fly fast to maximise your distance whilst the sky is working.

A note on navigation: The wind is blowing from the south. You should follow the road that runs north. You have a compass bottom right, next to your vario.

Press <4> for the plan view
Press <4> for the plan view
Points of View
Drag the mouse to rotate the camera position. You may switch between points of view using the number keys...
  • <1> focus on your glider
  • <2> watch the gaggle
  • <3> the view from 5,000 meters above
  • <4> the view from 8km away to the south east

Try pressing <p> to pause the action and then switch between the different points of view.
Dragging the mouse whilst the action is paused gives a 'bullet time' effect.

>> Let's play the game!

More info: Dan's website

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