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Celebration of Cannabis
news archive: press release for the one day international festival in London and worldwide on May 1st 1999.

No Victim - No Crime - '99

Cannabis Campaign goes worldwide in your local area

May Day (Sat May 1st 1999) will see worldwide action in support of the end of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis campaigning groups from all over the world including Britain have formed an 'International Cannabis Coalition' which so far has simultaneous events confirmed on four continents and in six countries.

In Britain a one day festival and 'Celebration of Cannabis March' is being planned for London plus events in several regional centres. Elements of the London event will include:
  • Discussion of the issues - a wide range of speakers invited from all sides to discuss 'Cannabis Prohibition Does More Harm than Good' and 'Honest Solutions to the Drugs Crisis In Britain' (working titles). Internet links with live stages worldwide.
  • Culture - music and entertainment provided by artists who support the end of cannabis prohibition and an educated approach to drug issues.
  • Drug education and awareness - information provision stalls, exhibitions and a debating tent as well as speakers on the main stage.
  • Trade and manufacture - a wide range of hemp related business are being invited to support this event, a 'Hemp Fashion Show' is planned and there will be emphasis on the environmental and ethical impact of cannabis prohibition worldwide.
  • Protest - a short, good humoured 'Celebration of Cannabis March' calling for the end of it's prohibition for industrial, medical and recreational use worldwide, will assemble at 12.00 noon, departing 12.30pm and ending at the festival site arriving through a specially built 'Cannabis Freedom Arch'. Events will continue until 8.30pm followed by numerous 'after parties' and other events throughout London.


'International Cannabis Coalition' (ICC) supporters include most of the pro cannabis campaigning organisations in Britain as well as a number of other groups and individuals who support the end of cannabis prohibition.

ICC supporters also include cannabis campaigners worldwide - they are organising similar events on May 1st. Confirmed so far are protest events in New York (USA); Atlanta (USA); San Francisco (USA); Washington (USA), Melbourne (Australia); Auckland (NZ); Cape Town (S. Africa) and Amsterdam (Holland). Other countries are expected to announce soon.

The event in London will therefore be part of a worldwide call for the end of cannabis prohibition on May 1st 1999.

We would be very interested in hearing from any organisation, group, business, or individual who would like to take part in the May Day event in London or elsewhere, including other parts of Britain. Posters, leaflets and stickers are available. For further information please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.


May Day 1999 London event organisers contact list:
  • Sound Systems: (Exodus); 01582 563997. Fax: 01582 583031.
  • Bands & Stages: (Chris Tofu); 0181 509 3353. 0973 915 514.
  • Stalls: (Pete Brown); 01480 497 545
  • London Venue: (Shane Collins); 0181 671 5936.
  • Kids Area: (Exodus); 01582 563997. Fax: 01582 583031.
  • Fashion Show: (Tina); 01603 625780
  • March & Stewards: (Tim Summers); 0171 737 6289
  • Speakers: (BCCI); 0171 671 5936 or (ICC); 0171 637 7467.
  • MC: (Tony Allen); 0171 637 7467.
  • Litter & Bogs: (Green Party); 0181 671 5936.
  • Fundraising: (Andy Cornwell); 0171 637 7467.
  • Accounts: (Gerry Ryan); 0181 671 5936.
  • Press: (Chris Sanders); 0171 637 7467. (Shane Collins); 0181 671 5936
  • Internet & Publicity Materials: (Chris Sanders); 0171 637 7467.
  • International Coordination: (ICC); 0171 637 7467.
The 'International Cannabis Coalition' and the event is supported in Britain by the following campaigning organisations: 'Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association' (CLCIA), 'Green Party Drugs Group', 'Campaign Against Narcotic Abuse Because of Ignorance in Society' (C.A.N.A.B.I.S.), 'Bus Drivers For Cannabis', 'Cannabis Hemp Information Club', 'Transform', 'Legalise Cannabis!', 'The Bong Squad', 'London Medical Cannabis', 'Brixton Cannabis Coalition International' (BCCI). A full list of coalition supporters including web links is available on the official website at:

ICC, PO Box 2243, London W1A 1YF, UK. Voice: 0171 637 7467. Fax: 0870 054 8646. E mail: website:
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