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Seeking the smartest smartphones - we look for the ultimate smartphone and look at the Apple 3G, HTC HD, HTC Touch, Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, T-Mobile G1 and Blackberry StormSMARTPHONES
We look at the iPhone, Blackberry, HTC HD, N96, XPeria X1, G1

ONY VAIO P reviewed - photos, tests and photoSONY VAIO P
Is this beaut worth the vast price?

Asus Eee 901 XP edition netbook reviewed - photos, tests and photoASUS EEE 901
Will we love this wee netbook?

Proporta USB Micro Mobile Device Charger - Review (86%)PROPORTA USB
Ultra compact power pack

Sennheiser CX 300 In-Ear earbud headphonesSENNHEISER CX 300 Budget in-ear headphones

Tascam DP-004 4-Track Portable RecorderTASCAM DP-004
4-Track Portable Recorder

Tascam DP-004 4-Track Portable RecorderTASCAM GT-R1
Portable Guitar/Bass Recorder

Looking for the perfect netbook - Asus Eee, Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9NETBOOK REVIEW
We seek out the best netbooks

Camera reviews, digital compacts, dSLRSCAMERA REVIEWS
Digicams, dSLRS and more

Acer Aspire One netbook reviewACER ASPIRE ONE
Netbook review

LG GSA-E5ON Slim Portable CD/DVD Rewriter ReviewLG GSA-E5ON
Slim Portable CD/DVD

Teac Reference DR-H300DAB DVD Receiver, CD player and DAB radio- ReviewTEAC DR-H300DAB
Compact hi-fi and DVD player

Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote: ReviewLOGITECH 785
Harmony universal remote

Numark HF-125 Dual-Cup DJ Headphones: ReviewNUMARK HF-125
Cheapo DJ headphones

Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth Keyboard - reviewDINOVO EDGE
Awesome Logitech keyboard

Mackie DFX 6 Sound Mixer ReviewMACKIE DFX-6
Compact mixer pushes our buttons

Proporta Mobile Survival Kit Emergency Charger ReviewProporta Charger
Emergency Charger

Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones: ReviewShure E2c
Sound Isolating headphones

Citizen Eco-Drive BL5250-53L watchCitizen Eco-Drive BL5250-53L
Solar marvel

Treo 500v review, Windows Mobile 6 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC ReviewToshiba Libretto
We boot up a 10 year old UMPC

HTC Touch Phone Review, Windows Mobile 6 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC ReviewHTC Touch review HTC's innovative new phone
Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Reader Review<Sandisk ImageMate
12-in-1 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Reader

Flexion ePhotomaker ReviewFlexion ePhotomaker
Handy mini photo studio in a bag

My Book Pro 500GB ReviewMy Book Pro 500GB
Stylish hard drive with big storage

Lastolite Cubelite ReviewLastolite Cubelite
Fully featured portable lighting studio

Panasonic RP-DJ100 headphones ReviewPanasonic RP-DJ100
DJ headphones with neat folding design

Stowaway Keyboard ReviewStowaway Keyboard
Compact folding PDA keyboard for PDAs

Numark CD Mix-1 ReviewNumark CD Mix-1
Well priced twin CD/mixer DJ combo

Sony MDR-EX71SL 'phones ReviewSony MDR-EX71SL Fontopia in-ear headphones
Oregon Weather Pro ReviewOregon Weather Pro
Hi tech wireless weather station

Grado SR60 headphones ReviewGrado SR60
Music to our ears - incredible phones

Pure Digital DMX-50 ReviewPure Digital DMX-50
Compact DAB system with SD memory

Onkyo CR-505DAB ReviewOnkyo CR-505DAB
All in CD DAB Receiver

Sony RDR-GXD500 ReviewSony RDR-GXD500
Freeview DVD Recorder

Skype Cyberphone ReviewSkype Cyberphone
Cheap and cheerful VoIP handset


Palm Pre handsetPALM PRE
Palm's new webOS and handset impresses

Treo Centro review, Palm OS smartphone ReviewTreo Centro review
Palm's bijou smartphone

Treo 500v review, Windows Mobile 6 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC ReviewTreo 500v review
Palm's new Treo handset. We like!

Treo 750v review, Windows Mobile 6 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC ReviewTreo 750v review
Palm's first Windows-based Treo

4Cast for Palm
Fact-packed weather prog

Facebook For Palm
Ace mobile social metworking app

12 Killer Mobile Apps
Palm, Pocket PC & Symbian treats

Astraware Platypus
Addictive shoot 'em up

Resco Explorer 2007
Advanced file manager & tools

Palm Centro
Smartphone heads to the UK

SplashID v4
Password Manager updated

Super-fast contacts tool

Travels with a Treo
My essential travelling companion

DayNotez v3 Palm/Pocket PC
Powerful note taking tool

MSDict Concise Dictionary
Dictionary and Thesaurus Review

Pocket Tunes v4.01
MP3 and streaming radio player

Genius! by Hobbyist
Access web info fast on your Treo

Aces Texas Hold'em -No Limit
Addictive mobile poker game.

Iambic YourCall
Call management for Treos

Google Maps Treo
Five star mapping application

Handmark Scrabble
Excellent Palm/Pocket PC game

Palm Treo 680
Cut price Treo for the masses

T|X Plug-in Microphone
Add a mic Palm T|X/Tungsten T5

FakeCall for Treo
Sneaky app for avoiding meetings

Treociel Weather
The Don of weather applications!

Enfora Wi-Fi Sled
Add Wi-Fi to Palm Treo 650

BoxWave Adapter
Stereo Adapter For Palm Treo

Splash ID for Palm OS
Palm/desktop password manager

MicroQuad kart racing
Superb game for handhelds

Butler by Hobbyist
Essential set of utilties

Palm Treo 700p phone
Palm upgrades the fab 650

Agendus v10
Ace Palm PIM app

Horribly addictive game

Packet of Three
Fabulous Palm freeware

TreoAlarm Alarm
Palm weather and alarm app

Sony Clie PEG TH55
The perfect PDA?

» Treo 650 introduction
» Usability and ergonomics
» Great Palm programs
» Palm Treo 650 connectivity
» Palm Treo 650 - conclusion


Xara Xtreme V4
Updated bitmap/vector editor

Directory Opus v9.1
File manager For Windows

ACDSee Pro2
Photo manager review

CCleaner Review
Freeware system optimiser

Splash ID
Versatile password manager

Xara Xtreme
Powerful graphics package

ACDSee v8
Updated photo organiser

Powerful RSS aggregator

Multi-Monitor Utility for Windows

Mozilla Firefox 0.8
Fast, open source browser

iMatch v3.4
Perfect photo management

ACDSee v6
King of the image browsers

Xara X graphics
Superb graphics package

Fizz Traveller 2.3
Feature stuffed travel app

Spb Pocket Plus
Pocket PC plug in

Agenda Fusion
PIM for Pocket PC

WorldMate 2006
Pocket PC travel app

Pocket Informant 2005
Powerful Pocket PC app

Resco Photo Viewer
Powerful photo/video browser

i-mate JAM
Pocket PC smartphone

Skype for Pocket PC
VoIP on your PDA

Features, reviews and articles
Gmaps Pedometer For Walkers
mapping tool for walkers

Technology & Trainspotters
Train buffs on the web.

Fridge Freezer Woes
Bag a discount fridge online

Glastonbury gadgets
Surviving a week in the mud

My Printer Hell
A tale of inkjet woes

Win online arguments!
Argue and bicker like a pro!

Trolling the web
Learn from the masters

Beware of the troll
Forewarned is forearmed

Online sex seeker?
Get yourself a hottie, easy

Useful web tools

Viruses on the loose!
Real time virus reporting

Max Hits web design book
Buy my highly rated book!

Looking for a web job?
Wannabe websters look here

Community action power
New Statesman (2000)

Web design, links to articles, features, tips and advice
BBEdit, Homesite
Hand coding in 2007

Macromedia Homesite+
Powerful HTML editor

WYSIWYG group test
Visual editors compared:

WYSIWYG pros & cons
Adobe GoLive
FrontPage 2003
NetObjects 7.5
Dreamweaver MX
Other options

web tutorials, features and projects Rambling gadget lover
Gizmos for the great outdoors

Keeping connected in NYC
Online In The Big Apple

Promote your skills online

Coping with web success
Popularity comes at a price

Authoring in Flash only
Why bother with HTML?

Reducing bandwidth
Keep server costs down

Designing for broadband
Key design decisions

Create a bookmark icon
Add a favicon to your page!

Economy websites
Build a great site - cheaply!

Set up a webcam
Share your view with the world

Fix dodgy links
Find and fix dodgy links

Internet web authoring question and answers from Internet Magazine
Q & A's
Web authoring solutions.

Making 'liquid layouts'
How much bandwidth?
How do I optimise photos?
CSS text effect
Build printer-friendly pages.
Search engines and frames
Style sheets or tables?
Using PNG files
SVG versus Flash
Validating your HTML

photography reviews, features and articles
Photo magazine
Camera reviews and tips

» Fujifilm F31fd review
» Ricoh Caplio R5 camera
» Ricoh GR Digital Camera
» Fujifilm F11 review
» Fujifilm F10 review
» Sony Cybershot DSC-H1
» Sony Cybershot DSC-F55E
» Sony DSC-S70 camera
» Sony DSC-F55DX camera
» Casio WQV-2 WristCamera
» What print resolution?
» Photovista panorama
» My Rock Hell

web tutorials, features and projects BUILD A NAVIGATION SYSTEM
Let people find content - fast!

Plan and prepare
Which technology?
Design issues
Navigation widgets
Updating the navigation
Check it works
More info/resources

Create interactive vistas

Build a panorama - basics
Shooting a panorama
Preparing your images
Using PhotoVista
More info/web resources

Get your site to the top of the pile

How it works
Optimise code
Design issues
More info

Breathe life into tired sites

What you need to know
Starting out
Moderation/legal issues
Promote and publicise 'em!
Time to start your own board
More info/Jargon Guide

Thwart pesky online thieves

Protecting code
Protecting text
Protect images
More info