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Great welcoming sites of Cardiff #1. The Brains tower

Stepping off the London train, there’s not many sights more welcoming than the dreamy vision of the Brains brewery tower, manfully thrusting into the Cardiff sky above the railway station.

A veritable Smokestack of Beery Promise, the tower marks the location of the Brains Brewery, which shifted from the centre of Cardiff back in 2000.

The site of the old Brewery – which used to spew out its unique aroma around the confines of Chip Alley (aka Caroline Street) – has now been rebranded into a lah-de-dah ‘Brewery Quarter’.

For over a decade, the Brains tower has stood as a welcoming vision to anyone arriving in Cardiff, delivering a clear, simple message: “Get ye to the pub and get swiftly smashed on Brains SA”.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s real words of wisdom.