Camden, Cardiff and Majestical Lips


After not setting foot in Camden for ages, I found myself being given a tour of the super swanky Roundhouse building on Wednesday afternoon and then returning again to see The Actionettes dance at the Monkey Chews pub for a birthday. Nice boozer it was too.

Later on we walked to the Enterprise pub by Chalk Farm and loved it.

Enterprise pub by Chalk Farm
Downstairs was all fun and happening rock and roll and rockabilly while upstairs was…
Enterprise pub by Chalk Farm
…a feast of shoe shuffling indiepop introspection. We stayed downstairs.

Majestical Lips on Railton Road

Next day I strolled up Railton Road passing the fabulously named Majestical Lips before taking a wander about Brockwell Park.

Later on I took another of my big London walks – expect some more pics soon!


Dorothy's Fish and Chip bar, Caroline Street

Today I’ve managed to post up some more Cardiff photos including some from what’s now been called, the ‘Cafe Quarter.’ They might give it a designer name, but I imagine a Saturday night at Caroline Street is just as rough as it ever was (oh! the memories!).

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