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Cardiff City FC - reports and rants   Cardiff City 1 QPR 0
  Div Two Play Off Final: 25th May 2003

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Nationwide Division Two playoff final, Millennium Stadium, 25th May 2003

With just five minutes to go in the second half of extra time, something truly wonderful happened. City scored!

40,000 City fans burst into wild celebrations as substitute Andy Campbell slipped past QPR's Shittu to lob a beautiful ball into the top of the net. 1-0!!!

City fans go wild!
City fans go wild! The sound that roared out from the crowd was incredible. A huge tidal wave of emotion, frustration, joy and pride swelled up as over half of the Millennium Stadium shouted out in ecstasy: CARDIFF WERE ONE-UP!!

1-0 to the sheepshaggers!
1-0 to City!. A previously nerve-wracked 1927 Club member beams with Bluebird joy as he reminds me of the score. The final five minutes of the game go by in a blur of nervous whistling and excitement as the seconds tick ever closer to our first division place.

Full time! City are promoted!
Full time! City are promoted! The final whistle goes and the City fans are delirious. After all this time, after al the heartbreaks, the broken promises, the let downs and the failures, City are back in the first division! In this photo, the players pose for a photo opportunity as the QPR end silently empties.

Street celebrations in Cardiff
Street celebrations in Cardiff Outside the Millennium Stadium the party begins!

Celebratory beers
Celebratory beers We headed back to the bar for champagne and more beer. Lots of the stuff! On the video, we watched endless reruns of that glorious goal sailing in the net to repeated cheers. Days don't get much better than this!

Celebrating in Whitchurch
Celebrating in Whitchurch Things had got a little hazy by this point. I'd left central Cardiff and headed up to the Plough in Whitchurch to meet up with some friends. All night, the pub rocked to our increasingly drunken renditions of City classics. Sadly, trying to remember the words to the simplest of songs became more challenging as the onslaught of alcohol took its toll.

But who cares? The most important thing is that THE BLUES ARE GOING UP!

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