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Mayday: latest details of proposed protests
this release from 26.04.01

By now you've probably heard the hype and are wondering what exactly Mayday Monopoly is all about. The idea (as it is understood) is that activists plan and carry out as many 'autonomous actions' (without leadership or central organisation) throughout London as possible on Tuesday, May 1st.

Actions such as street theatre will highlight poverty or environmental destruction which results from the monopolisation of power by the multinational corporations which control our governments.

By having no central organisation or leadership, activists reject the system (social authoritarian-economic neo liberalism) which ensures that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer by destroying our human rights and making us wage slaves whilst raping the environment and ruining our collective future.

In addition, by rejecting authority ideologically as well as tactically we make cracking down on us far more difficult by the state.


What you may have heard on the BBC or in the newspaper is simply mostly police and government propaganda. Most of us are not "intent on violence" or "thugs" - we are simply standing up for what we feel is right - a fair and just society, based upon equal opportunity. The current line the police, government and media is taking - that peaceful protesters should stay at home - is laughable.

By their logic, if you care about things, you sit at home and do absolutely nothing; so when you want to go shopping you simply sit at home and don't - this is a good example of anti-logic!

It's common sense that when the political and economic system has failed you, it's time to bring your grievances to the street.

Few people sit idly by while they get robbed senseless...Stating that those who care most sit at home and write letters is ignoring history : Women gained the vote by direct action (smashing windows and generally making a nuisance of themselves); The 'UK/Great Britain' founded a so-called- democracy by having a civil war in the 17th Century and the (Neo) Liberal Elite harp on about Ghandi in his struggle for an independent India, but he advocated burning down police stations and his visits to cities inevitably resulted in riots by the mass of the people.

Social improvements for the masses is the result of people taking action, not being inactive.


This page, and other pages relating the May Day Monopoly 2001 are intended as an information tool - people who care can use them, and those who are against us, such as the police and rich company directory can use them.

The idea of May Day 2001 is to have a fun, exciting and empowering day - not to terrorise London. May Day Monopoly has the potential to be fun and peaceful - let us hope that the police try and keep it this way too. For the latest Independent news about MayDay please check out : UK Indymedia.

To find out more, please subscribe to the new email listserver by sending a blank email to:

Stickers available from: or via the resources link at

Also availabe in PDF format at

Individual sticker images can be found at

Order the 'official' game guide (highly recommended) from : London Mayday Collective, BM Mayday, London, WC1N 3XX. This costs only 41 pence, but donations of even a quid would be welcome.



MAYDAY 2001 Critical Mass : Meet 7.30am Tuesday 1st May outside Marylebone Station (West End tour) or Liverpool Street Station (City tour). Converging at Kings Cross for a late breakfast before continuing around the monopoly board linking up with and supporting other actions.

We have arranged for legal observers to be present at 7.30am and at Kings X.There will be further stationary breaks from 12 noon to 1pm; and 2.30 to 3.30pm; details will be announced when the cops stop harassing benefit gigs and activists.

In between times we will be moving slowly around the board in a chaotic fashion, we need to know of other actions going on to see if we can fit them into our packed schedule for the day.

We will also be publishing some tel no's soon for people who want to find us on the day. Remember, come brightly, on a bike/skateboard/skates/wheelchair/ or foot; with flags, whistles, masks, placards, balloons, bubbles, wigs, music and joy in yer hearts & anger in your minds. Bring flags, placards, music, fancy dress, leaflets AND anything on wheels with no engine.


CAAT action : Office Invasion, Pall Mall area, 08.30 am, Anti-Arms Trade related.

Looney Left Footie Tournament : "This is a mail to all those wishing to join us for our yearly gathering of political nutters who also happen to be into football. Every year we get that urge to put on again the 7 a-side-LOONEY LEFT FOOTIE TOURNAMENT as part of the Mayday festivities.

Nutters alike from all quarters of London descend on CLISOLD PARK for a riotous display of not so silky skills.But it really doesn't matter because there's a good time to be had by all. This year again there will be a picnic for those who want to casually watch, chat, chill out so bring along your butties, your baps, or your breadrolls for a food swapping feast.

The annual looney footie quiz is a bit of a highlight for regulars, newcomers would be advised to swot up on obscure footie facts. There'll sunlight, music, food, football, lets face the music and dance!!

Last year we advertised a mass footie game for those not able to get a team together, it didn't happen last year, but maybe this year!! Kids are welcome, if there's enough eager young ones we'll get a game going, if the kids want to bring there own games/ equipment then great.

For those out there who want to put a team in apply straight away, places are limited. E-mail: Cost for entry is £15 per team which will be mainly spent this year on getting goals, printing etc. So tell your friends and comrades and please circulate this message.

All it leaves me to say is that the kick off is 11am, CLISSOLD PARK, STOKE NEWINGTON (nearest tube MANOR HOUSE), SUNDAY 29th APRIL 2001. Look out for the banner. See you there. Everyone at the Looney Left Collective "


London Animal Action: This Mayday LAA is once again unleashing its 'giant veggieburger giveaway' upon an unsuspecting world! Last year we held a demo outside the Charing X branch of MuckDonald's and handed out about 100 burgers in less than an hour.

The event drew considerable interest and was on BBC News 24 as well as a foreign tv network (not sure, but may've been Japanese). This year's will be much bigger. Two critical mass cycle rides are converging at Kings X in the morning and we'll be there to feed them.

9.30 am Giant Veggie Burger Giveaway: Meet At McDonalds at Kings Cross, corner of York Way. Show people there is an alternative to McDeath, by handing out free veggie burgers.

12pm Feed the Birds: Mayday is the first day the birds are no longer being fed by the GLA. Meet 12 Noon at Trafalgar Square to show Blood Red Ken that we won't let him starve the pigeons out of the Square. Bring lots of food to feed the birds.


2pm Action Against the Fur Trade: Hockleys is the biggest fur shop left in London. Meet at Philip Hockley Furs, 20 Conduit Street W1 (off Regent Street) to protest against the fur trade. Contact: LAA phone no : 0845 458 4775.

For all those who want to participate on May Day, and have been looking for a meeting place, there is a 'Peacenik in the Park', at Victoria Embankment Gardens at 10am.

Although this isn't a Monopoly Board 'square', it is within easy reach of Northumberland Avenue and Whitehall, and the adjacent Embankment Tube Station is convenient for travel across London. Victoria Embankment and the Gardens have been used as a starting point for a number of peaceful protests and demonstrations in the past and offers an ideal opportunity for 'banner waving' at passing travellers and motorists.

It was an especially enjoyable area to be in when Victoria Embankment was closed during J18, when 'City Folk' were forced to walk home that way, as the tube stations were shut and they couldn't use their cars. There is no particular agenda planned, it's a case of turn up and do whatever you want to; bask in the sun ( don't forget that lotion ), wave banners, or move on to other May Day events elsewhere.

This will give those who wish to participate in a May Day event, but don't know what's going on or what they're planning to do later, somewhere 'well defined' to go, where hopefully, there will be people who will know what other activities are taking place later in the day, for people who wish to move on.

There is no 'action' planned per- se, however, it would make an ideal starting point for those who wish to peacefully protest, or simply wish to 'support' the anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation cause, in a less direct manner.

Those who already have other things planned are free to do as they wish; this is just one event of many on May Day, and helps provide the diversity of options which various participants on the mailing list appear to have been looking for.


There is an action outlined on this website: "Ever wanted to build an hotel on Mayfair? Now's your chance. join in on mayday. Assemble at, Speakers corner.

Building work will commence at 12 am. Bring cardboard, sticky tape,staplers,plastic sheets, seating and yer dinners. it would be really nice to get the big issue involved in this.( they don't seem too keen though ), its a particularly effective way of drawing attention to the amount of people who are sleeping rough or homeless and what better place to do it than mayfair?"

MAYFAIR : The most expensive square on the board and still the most expensive area of London, Mayfair is bounded by Oxford St, Regent St, Piccadilly and Park Lane.

It takes its name from the fair, which was transferred here from Haymarket in 1686, held here annually from May 1st for 15 days. Soon this event became notorious for riotous and disorderly behaviour and in 1708 it was abolished, only to be revived again with similar results. In the end the only way to permanently suppress the fair was to build on the site. Perhaps a tradition that needs reinventing!


At 12:00pm "Cancel 3rd World debt". Location: Coutts Bank, The Strand. Meet outside Coutts Bank on The Strand (Charing Cross end) for a theatrical and humourous event at lunchtime. Fancy dress, banners, monopoly money and very strange people will be intermingling with yer office crowd going to lunch, in a very touchy-feely way.

"Coutts is now owned by Royal Bank Scotland. It is very much a banker for wankers - the very rich, the royals, the upper classes (just check out the plaques by the door) - whose only connection with debt is the profit they make from it.

Each adult in the UK has approx £20,000.00 debt, total consumer debt in the UK is some totally absurd figure in the úbillions, and continually we are encouraged to borrow more.

Much has been made by western leaders of the debt they've written off for 3rd world nations in the last year, Brown boasts of a £50billion write-off, yet the 3rd world remains impoverished and subject to complete restructuring - privatisation, cuts, exploitation. We don't just want 3rd world debt abolished, we want all debt abolished, we want to abolish as nice a way as possible of course." More info contact


At 12:00pm anti-privatisation action meeting at elephant and castle... for more info, contact the south London mayday collective, tel: 07930 212575 or

At 12:00pm there will be an anti-student fees march starting at ULU (Mallet Street). The Studentáaction will start outside ULU (Malet st.) 12:00 and head to a location to be disclosed on the day.

The action will only go on for a limitedáperiod allowing for time to disperse and re- locate at Oxford street for the 4:00 Sale of the Century final action. Pleaseástart networking colleges and Uni societies. We desperatley need banners and music, any drummers will be welcome and what ever else you findáto be useful! RESISTANCE IS EVERYWHERE! Contact for more information.

There is also the SER-TUC (South East Region TUC) annual mayday march which is meeting at Highbury Fields (at Highbury Corner end) at 11am. They are normally joined by Turkish supporters. They are all planning on marching to Clerkenwell to meet for some speeches etc at 2pm.


At 1:00pm also, a "BELTANE CELEBRATION" with the Dionysian Underground and others!. Location: Piccadilly EROS . EROS the oldest and youngest of the Greek gods, is the LIFE FORCE itself...

Come and join us at 1.00 pm at MAY 1st at EROS Piccadilly, meeting place for lovers of all kinds for hundreds of years. bring musical instruments, masks, costumes, love and inspiration. there will be spontaneous street theatre, ritual and performance art to evoke the spirit of EROS. EVERYONE is welcome.

1PM @ ANGEL CROSSROADS, Islington - Protest Peacefully to Protect the Planet.

All welcome to come and join in a 30 minute celebration of the world we live in today, designed to show lunch hour passers by the perils of our current world and how they can be cured. Stand still and be amazed at your own power!! This will be ideal for anyone to come and join, designed to fit in with other protests. Any responses, please contact


1pm Protest against Accommodata Limited @ 44 West Cromwell St, (north of Earls' Court Tube). This company profits from 'housing refugees' for the Home Office.

A fluffy protest, aimed showing the neighbourhood the true nature of these money-loving lowlifes, with the aid of giant dice, some chance cards, and a flat-pack red hotel. We'll also raise the issue of other crappy businesses hired by the state to ruin our lives. Bring along big No Borders banners, info, etc.

1pm Protest Against the World Bank (YEAH RIGHT ON!) by Globalise Resistance and others: "Main focus for us is the GR organised protest at the World Bank offices (corner of Pall Mall & Haymarket). Meet there at 1pm (or 2pm if you're on the TUC march in Clerkenwell)".

"From early afternoon, Speakers Corner (Marble Arch) : Tony Allen, a mixed-ability-shamen and anarchist parasite, will be up on his soapbox MC'ing operations - expect debate, laughs, arguments, info and so on. He'll be putting on a special performance from 2.30pm for saddle-sore critical mass cyclists as they take their afternoon siesta before going shopping."


2pm Demonstration outside HMP Pentonville, Caledonian Road, London N7, 1st May.

At 4pm we hear there's a party against consumerism/shopping in the metropolis of shopping - Oxford St. This will be billed as "Sale of the Century". Apparently the idea is to look out for the 'signal' and bring white overalls, crash helmets, padding and a desire for fun.

Also : Family doctors are planning a national day of action on May 1 in protest at their increasing workload. Hundreds of GPs are planning to close surgeries and hold marches to draw attention to their cause. The National Doctor Day protest has been organised by Doctor magazine after a survey showed that 8 out of 10 GPs would quit the NHS if they could."

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This information has been reproduced for information purposes only. Please read our disclaimer

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