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Press reviews and feedback from Offline, urban75 club night with live acts, bands, DJs, poets, comedians and multimedia at the Dogstar, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9

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Richard Herring plays Offline, Thursday 27th April 2006

Richard Herring does Offline

Richard Herring writes about his Offline gig

"Later I myself took part in a free piece of theatre. I was doing a gig at the offline club in Brixton.

It's an evening of poetry, bands and comedy in the back room of a pub, where entry is free and where acts get paid with two beers. It's a bit anarchic and ramshackle, but a really great night out. I saw a poet with a furious scattergun delivery and a musical act in which a woman played a hurdy-gurdy (which isn't something you see every day).

You should support this place if you are local enough to get down there. There's a great atmosphere and it's free and better than watching two eccentric academics discussing their careers. I thought I would struggle a bit in my set, as I was going on late and was the only comedian and the audience was drunk and I was on my fourth pint of Guinness, but although there were some dodgy moments and I couldn't really see anyone, it was raw and exciting.

One man bought me a whisky to down in one and another after hearing my story about the Hand Job centre, slithered his way up on to the high stage (I compared him to Tooms from the first series of the X Files which had a surprising level of recognition from the crowd) to tell a story of his "friend" who had fallen asleep on a bus and then woken up to find himself being masturbated by a stranger.

We then had a dialogue, passing the microphone from one to the other as we discussed whether his interruption was relevant or appropriate. It was a really lovely bit of fun, very good natured and experimental and after a few exchanges he slinked off again.

A terrific night of fun. Do go to the next one."

Photos from the gig: OFFLINE, Brixton JAMM, Thursday 27th April 2006

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