Welcome to the urban75 blog, a mix of personal ramblings, random photo features, news and updates from myself and guest writers.

The urban75 blog was created way back in October 2002, and was was an accompaniment to the long-established urban75 website.

Running on a basic Google Blogger account, the early blogs – mainly posted from my old Palm Treo phone – are quite basic, image-free affairs (and rather dull, truth be told).

Happily, as you move through time from 2002, photos start appearing (huzzah!), and the pages slowly get more graphic content  in line with connection times getting faster.

Since switching to Wordpress, the blog has now seen a six-fold increase in traffic – we’re now getting around two-to-three thousand page views per day –  no doubt helped by the introduction of occasional guest writers.

If you want to find out more about how urban75 came about, check out our ‘about us‘ section, otherwise feel free to browse our huge photo galleries, or just join in with the discussion on our busy bulletin boards.

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