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Facts about Lambeth
Information and statistics from the 2001 census

Introduction (from Lambeth Community Plan Sept 2004)
Brixton consists of five electoral wards, Ferndale, Coldharbour, Herne Hill, Brixton Hill and Tulse Hill, all with their own unique set of needs and characteristics.

Nearly a quarter (66,300) of the borough's population lives in Brixton. Brixton is a young place, with one in five residents under the age of 16. More than 27,000 people move through Brixton Underground station every day.

People come to work, to shop at the Electric Avenue, Market Row and Granville Arcade markets and to visit some of the many entertainment venues, cafes, bars and restaurants. Brixton is the centre of Black media and culture and is home to one of the largest collections of Black archive material in the country.

The area includes Coldharbour ward, one of the 10 most deprived wards in England and Wales. Coldharbour has the highest population and most number of households. It has always been the area where people from other countries have settled, with over half the current population from black and minority ethnic communities.

Nearly half the homes in the ward are council rented properties and over 60% of households are deprived. It's a challenging area, but an area with potential. Coldharbour has many opportunities for regeneration based on the creative and cultural industries and the development of the new City Academy.

Brixton has significant deprivation in all its wards. As well as Coldharbour, there is a high number of overcrowded council homes in Tulse Hill and Ferndale. Brixton has the highest number of unemployed single-parent families in Brixton Hill, Coldharbour and Tulse Hill. Out of all the borough-wide themes in Brixton, community safety is the most important.

Fear of crime is the area's biggest problem. Street crime around Brixton tube and railway stations is the highest of any transport interchange in Lambeth and nearly half the drug offences in the borough are committed in Brixton. This in turn encourages related crime such as robbery, vehicle crime, burglary and prostitution.

Brixton has specific and acute health issues. Teenage pregnancy, high for the whole of the borough, is at its highest in Ferndale Ward. Mental health is also of particular concern in the Brixton area. Action needs to be taken to ensure that these vulnerable groups are supported.


266,170 people live in Lambeth
The number of people registered with Lambeth GPs is 306,000
118,440 households in the borough
38% of our residents are from minority ethnic communities
45% of people are aged between 20 and 39
There are 40,000 disabled people (physical, sensory or learning disabilities and long-term health problems) and people with mental health problems in the borough.
There are 28,000 older people
Approximately 30,000 people spend substantial time caring for relatives and friends
Lambeth has the largest population of the inner London boroughs. It is also one of the most densely populated areas in the country with the fifth highest density in the UK. The largest minority ethnic groups are the Black Caribbean and Black African communities.

41% live in council or housing association properties
22% live in private rented homes
37% own their own home
Households with one person, not on a pension, far outnumber any other type of household.
Children and Young People
72 primary schools, 10 secondary schools
157 languages spoken in schools

Population density of 99.2 people per hectare
Life expectancy of 73 years for men and 80 years for women
71% of residents describe themselves as being in good health

Safer Communities
Street crime down 42% since 2002
Crime still the biggest concern for Lambeth residents
Crime in Lambeth remains high compared to the rest of central London.

64 parks and open spaces
Five major transport hubs including Waterloo, Britain's gateway to mainland Europe
By 2005, estimates suggest that more than half the borough will exceed national pollution standards

Enterprise, Employment and Culture
46% of Lambeth residents are in full time employment
9,200 businesses in Lambeth
The biggest employers in the borough are the council and the Health Service
Retail and hospitality (hotels, restaurants and bars) are the fastest growing sectors in Lambeth accounting for 19% of all employment
Business and financial services accounts for 28% of all jobs
There are over 4,500 long-term unemployed in the borough

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Brixton guide homepage Brixton features Brixton photos Brixton history Brixton bars, clubs and pubs - a guide Brixton restaurants, cafes and greasy spoons Brixton info, useful numbers, resources etc

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