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Cardiff City 2000-2001 Fixtures
(Check out 1927 Club newsletter for match reports and news)

Cardiff City fixtures: 2000-01

12Exeter A2-1 W -report
19Blackpool H1-1 D - report
23Crystal Palace (Worth Cup 1st round, 1st leg) A1-2 L
26 Barnet A2-2 D
28Southend H2-2 D
2Rochdale A1-1 D
5Crystal Palace (Worth Cup 1st round, 2nd leg) H0-0 D
9Brighton H1-1 D
12Halifax H4-2 W
16Scunthorpe A2-0 W - report
23Kidderminster H0-0 D
30Hull City A0-2 L
14Leyton O A1-2 L
17Carlisle A2-2 D
21Mansfield H2-0 W
24Darlington H2-0 W
28Chesterfield A2-2 D
4York H 4-0 W
10Shrewsbury A (Fri) P
19FA Cup Bristol Rovers H5-1 W BBC report
22Lincoln H3-2 W
24Hartlepool H (Fri)3-2 W BBC report
2Torquay A4-1 W BBC report
5 Brighton A (LDV Trophy)0-2 L
9 Cheltenham FA23-1 W - report
16Cheltenham H3-1 W BBC report
23Macclesfield H2-0 W BBC report
26Plymouth A1-2 L
30Blackpool AP
1Exeter H6-1 W BBC report
6Crewe FA 3rd1-1 D - report
13Southend A1-1 D - report
16Crewe FA 3rd replay 1-2 L
20Plymouth H4-1 W - report
27Macclesfield H5-2 W
2Rochdale H (Fri)0-0 D
10Brighton A0-1 L
14Blackpool A0-1 L
17 Scunthorpe H3-0 W
20Halifax A2-1 W BBC report
24Kidderminster A4-2 W
2Hull H (Fri)2-0 W
6Leyton O H1-1 D
10Lincoln A0-2 L
10Shrewsbury A4-0 W
17Carlisle H4-1 W
1Cheltenham A1-3 L
4Barnet H1-0 W
7Torquay H2-1 W
14Darlington A0-2 L
16Chesterfield H3-3 D- report
21York A3-3 D
28Shrewsbury H3-1 W
5Hartlepool A1-3 L

....for team info and the latest news, visit this website as it's almost certainly going to be more up-to-date than our feeble drunken efforts.

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