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 Time wasters and bits of useless fluff!

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Welcome to our slowly-growing collection of nonsense games and time wasting distractions.

Interactive Map of Wales
  Our unique Flash guide to Wales (soundcard needed)
Psychic Ron- Football Manager
  Ron knows the score, and make no mistake.
The Blubbering Jack!
  (MP3 file, from Radio Wales, Oct 2001)
  Only THE COSSACK has the answer...
  Totally rubbish waste of time.
Kiss Cardiff City!
  More time wasting novely rubbish (you've been warned!)
Something for the Swans?
  How could we forget our Jack pals?!
The ultimate Swansea site
  Fantastic Jack interactive website!
The Useless Gallery
  Marvel at our awesome collection of time wasting tack!
Bluebird Jones comic
  Loads of strips from our famous CCFC fanzine including:

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