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Psychic Ron - the Football Manager

There's more! Try:
> Ron's Pools Calculator
Psychic Ron - Football Manager
he knows the score!

Important: follow steps 1-5 below for results, or go straight to 'Top Tip' below:

    STEP 1. Type the forthcoming match in the box below:

STEP 2. Now you MUST click on the dot (to the left) to summon up Ron's psychic powers)

STEP 3. Now say, "Psychic Ron give me the score!" out loud twice
STEP 4. Press the 'Tell Me' button below and the score will be revealed!

(Press the "another match?" button below if you want more results)

tick this box and press 'tell me' if you want Psychic Ron to dip in his sheepskin pocket and pull out a top coaching tip for all you aspiring professionals.

*If by some truly incredible miracle Psychic Ron actually helps you win a fortune on the pools, feel free to mail Ron his share (courtesy of

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