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  Football-based campaign and legislation websites

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external link Football Fans Union
Campaign to highlight what fans can do to protest about the ITV Digital debacle.

external link Safe Standing
Campaign to restore safe standing at football grounds.

external link No to Section 27
'Watching football is not a crime!'

Reclaim our fixtures
The Football League wants to charge non profit sites to list fixtures!

external link Hillsborough Justice Campaign
Families still fighting for justice after the 1989 tragedy.


external link New and pending UK legislation
Links to Bills currently before Parliament, recent Acts, related info and more

external link Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
The updated act from the Home Office website

CJA Section 60
Extra stop and search powers that can be used against footie fans

external link Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006
Police powers to force fans to leave specified areas

external link Football (Disorder) Act 2000
The full act from the Home Office website

external link 1999 Football (Offences and Disorder) Bill
Breakdown of the Bill and all its multifarious clauses

external link Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
The full act from the Home Office website

Football and the Criminal Justice Act
How football fans might be affected by the Act

external link Home Office Review of football-related legislation
Follow the link or view this immense 900k .PDF file



external link Football unites, Racism divides
Excellent campaigning website

external link Football Supporters Federation
Fans campaigning website

external link
The Let's Kick Racism Out of Football campaign online

Supporter's Organisations

external link Football Supporters' Association
UK organisation representing the interests of fans, nationally and locally

external link National Federation of Football Supporters' Clubs
Oldest and largest organisation representing the views of Football Supporters

external link
Charity helping fans get involved with their clubs

external link Football Governance Research Centre
Governance and regulatory issues facing the football industry


Hooliganism and research

external link Hooligans
BBC site detailing and documenting football violence in the UK and abroad.

external link Social Issues Research Centre
Interesting site tracing football violence back to its medieval origins

external link Media coverage of football hooliganism
Critique of sensationalism and exaggeration in the media.

external link The hooliganism hype
Excellent article by Duleep Allirajah of Spiked Online

external link
Research into Football Violence

external link Football Violence in Europe
In-depth study with extensive resources

external link British Soccer Superhooligans
By A. J. Haley, Prof., Arizona State University

external link Home Office Arrests Stats 2007-8
Stats for football-related arrests and banning order 2007-2008 [PDF]

external link Home Office Arrests Stats 2006-7
Stats for football-related arrests and banning order 2006-2007 [PDF]

external link National Criminal Intelligence Service
Arrest figures for 2000-2001 season with downloadable PDF anaylsis


Publications and books

'The Roots of Football Hooliganism'
Marsh, Rosser & Harre (Routledge, Kegan Paul).

'The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster'
Lord Justice Taylor 1990

'Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds'
Mr Justice Popplewell

'A Study of Football Crowd Behaviour'
Harper (1989-90)

'Steaming In - Journal of a Football Fan'
Ward (Simon & Schuster)

'Hooligan - A History of Respectable Fears'
Pearson (MacMillan)

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