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Reports, reflections and comment about the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK 2004
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Glastonbury 2004: reports and reflections

'Short but sweet'
Report by pagan, July 2004

My Glasto was severely pruned but, apart from having to miss Adrian Sherwood I was quite happy about that - I don't think my old legs could take another day of mudtramping and I'd run out of dry stuff.

Zubaier mate, I don't know where you were camping but if you thought it was too 'middle class' you should have been up by us on Pennards. We had a family fron Hull on one side and a posse from Bristol that made Goldie Lookin Chain seem like a Royal Garden Party on the other.

What is it about people who come to Glasto and then spend all their time sitting with their mates at their tents AFAIK, wankers are wankers whatever 'class' you think they are.

As for the Guardian branding, it didn't bother me cos it wasnt in my face and I only saw one Budweiser sign when I mistakenly thought it might be a laugh to have a look in The Crown. I find the Radio 1 and Orange overkill worse Tbh.

Anyway, we left Brighton at lunchtime on Friday and amazingly were on site, pitched up and were watching Groove Armada, nicely toasted on the Main stage by about 5.30 which was pretty good. Highlight on Friday for me were Ojos de Brujo on Jazz World and a healthy dose of Amazonia mushrooms. Fucking brilliant. And of course the sunshine


Oh how nice it would have been if the sun had stayed out but oh no, the rain came down with a vengeance on Saturday. Bit of advice - when you buy a tent on ebay for 12 - don't expect it to actually keep you dry. Luckily I'd brought enough clothes - just. Had to forgo Dubversion's reggae breakfast due to weather.

I wanted to have Breakfast with Howard Marks too but couldn't face the 15 minute walk in the rain. I did actually see Mr Nice later on on the railway line getting stopped by a couple of cops. Strange, I thought, but it was only for one of them to tell him he was a big fan of his and he's read his book and everything!!!!! I've fucking seen it all now.

Quick stop for a second breakfast at the Hare's, then down to Sister Sledge - looking good, even though they must both be about 90 by now.

Quick look at the Green Fields and a chat with Andy Worthington who'd just written a book on Stonehenge - he's an interesting guy then caught a bit of Flamenco in Croisaant Neuf. Checked out Mutoid Waste who were playing some nice dub. After that it was more Sisters, this time of the Scissor variety. Class!


Had some great food this year. Olli's, near the main stage was wicked, doing wraps of deep fried Halloumi with chilli sauce and the most amazing banana fritters with toffee sauce.

Special mention must go to Blue Moons King Cajun Fries smothered in guacamole and sour cream, and Leons, who did a massive plate, easily enough for two, of really nice veggie stuff. I didn't even have a thali this year and I fancied a square pie but there was just so much food and so little time.

Saturday night highlights were liquid acid, Love Grocer in the Avalon, Los Squideros in the ballroom and Basement Jaxx on the Other. Jaxx were brilliant One of the best gigs I've seen at Glasto actually. Playing Give Peace A Chance when Macca was setting off his fireworks was a masterstroke. Yeah, fuck you Paul.

Then it was off to Lost Vagueness to get very messy. I was looking forward to the BrAsian night but was a wee bit disappointed, apart from a Bhangra DJ, Swami, most of what I saw was Richie Rich, J Sean and Raghev - a bit lame. I didnt see stay to see Zuess who plays the most outrageous Asian D&B.

By the way, I've already started saving for a trailer in the Paradise Lost Trailer Park. Fucking hell, that's the way to go!!!!!


Sunday was a strange mix of sun and rain. I missed the ENO due to thinking their soundcheck at 10.30 was actually their set. D'oh!. Well, at least it gave us more time to eat. Caught an amazing band of Tuareg musicians on the Jazzworld, wandered around Green Futures, had a skank at Mikey Dread then went to see Eat Static who were wicked as always. (not too keen on the new Glade layout tho').

Unfortunately Mrs P was feeling a bit Pat n Mick (probably swallowed too much mud) and, as she had to work today we decided to bail after Static. Really wierd leaving the site while things are still happening but we didnt have to queue at all to get out, it was so quick and within three hours I was walking Somerset mud all over my carpet.

Tell you what though, I must be getting old cos, in my youth, when I got home from Glasto I'd get immediately get pissed again, or maybe finish off my ketamine or DMT or whatever.

This year when I got home I filled up a big basin of hot water and soaked my feet in it while watching the last of the BBC Glasto coverage on telly and drinking hot chocolate.

I'm disappointed again that I didn't get to meet any of you (urban75 people). I did go past the Cider Bus a couple of times but it was just so rammed, I didn't even venture in. It's difficult enough bumping into your mates at Gasto, let alone people you've never met

Oh well, always next year. I'll leave it here, I've got a few criticisms (as usual) but I'm on a positive vibe right now so I'll leave all that until later. I hope everyone had as good a Glasto as mine.

See you next year, hopefully without mud, macca or Oasis


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