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Terrorist attack on London, 7th July 2005. A survivor from the King's Cross tube bomb tells her story
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The Mail on Sunday on the line
Tube bomb survivor BK slaps down the Mail on Sunday!
(From the urban75 bulletin boards, 08:32 PM 12th July 2005)

Well, I was just contacted by the Mail on Sunday - wait for it - to see if I would like to do an 'upbeat, positive feature'.

Like what, I ask, suspiciously.

He explains that 'maybe a birthday? wedding? pregnancy? A happy occasion, post the bombing.'

Perhaps 'Bomb victims: What are they wearing this week?' I suggest.

Or 'Blast Fashion Tips: Match your lipstick to your stitches!'

Or 'The Kings Cross Diet: I lost 3lbs in 3 days with PTSD!'

'Are you erm, taking the mickey?' he asks. 'It's, erm, not a fashion piece.'

'Look, I say. 'I'm writing anonymously for the BBC. I've posted on a London community website'

I should have thought that anyone who'd read that would see I have no interest in appearing in a paper that peddles race-hate. And slags off Ken Livingstone, whose speech was inspirational.

And what I and the other survivors are trying to do is get on with our lives. Not wheel out made-up feel good women's magazine bollocks to make Tory housewives feel good in Cheshire...'

'We're, um, not as bad as the Mail,' he says, 'We're the Mail on Sunday, um, we'd take, um, a different tack...'

'I wouldn't, 'I said, getting into my stride, 'wipe my arse on the Mail if terrorists had blown up every bog roll in London'.

'And the Mail on Sunday?' he says. 'You're, um, not keen on us either?'

'What do you think?' I say.

'Hmm, well, in that case, I wish you well', he says, 'and I hope that you, um, feel better soon...'

'Oh, I do, ' I say. 'I feel much better'.

Best moment of the week!

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