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Listing of photos on the St Pancras, Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras Chambers, Euston Road, England, London UK
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Entrance Hall, Midland Grand Hotel
Entrance Hall interior, Midland Grand Hotel
Entrance Hall detail, Midland Grand Hotel
Curved hallway, Midland Grand Hotel
Approaching the Grand Staircase
Looking upwards from the base of Grand Staircase
Walking up the Grand Staircase
Peeling paint, northern corridor
Singer and pianist in the north corridor
Wallpaper pattern. north corridor
Detail from a cast iron fireplace
Old Auto Exchange, Midland Grand Hotel
Old Auto Exchange equipment
Peeling ceiling, Midland Grand Hotel
Metalwork, Midland Grand Hotel
Ladies' Drawing Room
Ground floor corridor
Staircase, ground floor
Climbing up the Grand Staircase
Romance of the Rose, Midland Grand Hotel
Looking up the Grand Staircase
Grand Staircase view, Midland Grand Hotel
St Pancras Station and Midland Grand Hotel 1986
Outside view, St Pancras Station
St Pancras Station clock tower
St Pancras Station railway station
Crumbling walls, St Pancras Station
Midland Road, looking south
Booking Hall, St Pancras station
Train shed, St Pancras station
Railway graffiti, St Pancras
Train shed at night, St Pancras station


Booking office, St Pancras station
Wooden panelling, St Pancras station
Booking office, St Pancras station
Door detail, St Pancras station
Gothic arches and clock, St Pancras station
Booking office, St Pancras station
St Pancras station clock
St Pancras trainshed
Eastern entrance, St Pancras station
St Pancras passenger area London UK
Main station entrance, St Pancras station
Exterior view, Midland Grand, St Pancras station
Windows and chimneys, Midland Grand, St Pancras
Central Tower, Midland Grand, St Pancras railway
Midland Grand from Midland Road, St Pancras
Grade One listed, Midland Grand
Train Shed, St Pancras railway station
Detail, Midland Grand, St Pancras railway station
Jet trails and the central tower, Midland Grand,
West wing and central tower, Midland Grand
West wing detail, Midland Grand
Midland Grand and from the British Library
Construction work outside St Pancras station
Construction work, St Pancras station
Porte cochere, St Pancras station
Booking Hall, St Pancras
Clock tower, St Pancras station
St Pancras station at night
The Grand Stair, Midland Grand
Detail, The Grand Stair


Vaulted ceiling above the Grand Stair
Grand Stair, Midland Grand
Ghostly walkers, the Grand Stair
First floor connecting walkway
Connecting walkway, Midland Grand
Walkway to Ladies Smoking Room
Night view, Ladies Smoking Room
Looking east, Ladies Smoking Room
First floor drawing room
The wonders of modernisation
Marble fireplace, drawing room
Entrance to ground floor Coffee Lounge
Coffee Lounge, Midland Grand
Coffee Lounge ceiling, Midland Grand
Art Installation, north corridor
North corridor, Midland Grand
Entrance hall, Midland Grand
Entrance hall Midland Grand
Entrance hall ceramic tiles
Coffee bar, Entrance hall
Euston Road from the Entrance hall

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