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Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England, Feb 2009
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Star Yard WC2
Little known yard off Chancery Lane,London
(Photos © urban75, 12th Feb 2009)

Once an open space by the side of the Bishop of Chichester's house, Star Yard was originally connected to Bell Yard, before Carey Street was built across Little Lincoln's Inn Fields around 1660.

It acquired its name ninety years later, with the yard being named after the nearby Starr Tavern.

Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England

There's not a great deal to see along the short passageway these days, apart from this rather striking cast iron public lavatory, designed in the Parisian style and resplendent in a green finish.

Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England

These decorated designs were once common on London's streets during the last century, and although this one remains in good condition, it has been padlocked for years.

An archive photo from external link English Heritage shows the toilet open for use in 1986, with what looks like the remains of a gas lamp bracket mid way along the back wall.

Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England

Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England


Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England

A little further along from the disused loos are the premises of Ede & Ravenscroft, London's oldest tailor and robe maker, established in 1689.

Proudly declaring themselves as "Purveyors to the British Royal Family," the company make, sell and hire out legal gowns and wigs, clerical dress, civic and municipal robes, academic dress and other ceremonial and formal dress.

Photo of Star Yard, Chancery lane, London, England

The company has shops in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh and are official robemakers to HM The Queen, HRH Prince Philip, HRH Prince Charles and previously the Queen Mother.


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