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Telecom Tower, London
On the 34th floor of the tower.

The entire circumference of the viewing floor is clad in large windows offering unparallelled views across London.

Unlike the skyscraper-dominated skyline of New York, the Telecom Tower stands in splendid isolation, with no other tall buildings to interrupt the view.

Looking out of the 34th floow window, BT Tower, London W1
Looking out of the 34th floow windows, BT Tower

The 34th floor is tastefully kitted out with modern chairs and tables and visitors can sip their champagne and watch London revolve around them.

The rotating floor is not always used, but we were luckily enough to experience it in action. The revolving segment spans three metres of the widest part of the BT Tower (where the floor is about 20 metres in diameter) and completes a full circuit every 22 minutes - you can see the curved 'join' to the left of this picture.

It moves around at a fair whack and occasionally makes worrying creaks with the odd small mechanical judder. Nothing too distressing of course, but it adds to the weirdness of the experience!

I'd imagine things could get very confusing it you had a proper drinks session up there - one minute the door to the toilet would be right behind you, the next it would be around the other side of the room!

Fact! The revolving section weighs 30 tonnes and runs on nylon-tyred wheels on circular rails.

Centre Point tower and the Millennium Wheel
View from the 34th floor

Although it was bit hazy with a bitter March wind bringing the threat of snow, I managed to grab some decent photos by shooting through the double glazed glass. In this photo you can see Centre Point tower and the Millennium Wheel.

Euston Tower seen from the top of the BT Tower
Looking north from the top of the BT Tower

In this view, you can see Euston Road running from left to right and the 124 meter high Euston Tower. The east perimeter of Regent's Park is on the left, with Camden lying in the distance.

The Erotic Gherkin, Tower 42 and Canary Wharf seen from the top of the BT Tower
The 'Erotic Gherkin', Tower 42 and Canary Wharf seen from the top of the BT Tower

Looking east across London, the scene is dominated by the distinctive curved lines of the 'Erotic Gherkin' with Tower 42 adjacent.

In the far distance, you can see the towers of Canary Wharf looming in the mist.

Looking down from the BT Tower
Looking down from the BT Tower

A vertigo-triggering look straight down at the streets below. Note the complex air conditioning pipes on the roof of the building to the right.

St Pancras station and the Midland Grand hotel seen from the top of the BT Telecom Tower
St Pancras station and the Midland Grand hotel from the BT Telecom Tower

Looking north east from the tower, you can see the gothic splendour of St Pancras station and the Midland Grand, with the 1851 Kings Cross station just visible to the right. Note the construction cranes preparing the new Channel link.

Regent's Park from the BT Telecom Tower
Regent's Park from the BT Tower

A wintery view of Regent's Park which lies to the north-west of the BT Tower. Note the curved lines of Park Crescent to the left facing Park Square Gardens.

Running north of the Crescent through the park is Broad Walk, leading to London Zoo.


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