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A month of gigs with the Alabama3 , Jonathan Richman, Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee and Helen McCookeryBook
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A month of gigs, May 2008
We check out some great bands and dancing action in uptown Camden.
(report ©urban75, 12th May 2008

Some snapshots from a month in the Metropolis. 'Scuse the iffy quality - they were all taken on my itty bitty Palm Centro phone.

Gigs, May 2008
30th April Illicitly sneaking into the May listing is the Alabama3 anti-racism gig at the Brixton Academy - one of very favourite London venues.

Gigs, May 2008

Gigs, May 2008

Gigs, May 2008
Plastic glasses litter the dance floor at the end of the evening. The after-party beckons!


Gigs, May 2008
May 9th The fabulously lavish interior of the Shepherds Bush Empire, where we'd come to see Jonathan Richman.

Gigs, May 2008
It's a lovely looking venue, but the sightlines are shocking - it's the only standing venue I know where the floor appears to slope up to the stage.

Gigs, May 2008
After a lot of elbowing, shimmying and 'scuse me-ing, we finally bagged a half decent view.

Mind you, once we'd managed to grab a position with a view, there was no way we'd dare move to get a drink or - woe betide - try to pop off to the loo.

Jonathon Richman was fantastic, but the venue sucked.

Gigs, May 2008
15th May. The Left Outsides open up at the launch party for the debut album by Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee at the Gladstone in Borough.

Gigs, May 2008
The new album boys do their stuff. The Gladstone is a ruddy fantastic pub - warm, cosy, friendly and with some top real ale (I got stuck into the Hooky ale from Hook Norton).

Gigs, May 2008

Gigs, May 2008


Gigs, May 2008
16th May Cavendish Arms, Stockwell.

We loved how this little known boozer had been tarted up and the band room looked great, but the booking policy was so erratic that the place was empty and there was little empathy between the acts.

The venue has great potential though so we'll give it another go soon.

Gigs, May 2008
22nd May Launch party of Ivan's Retreat, Brixton Road.

This big, central Brixton boozer has struggled for ages under several names, but we went along to its latest relaunch, with the folks behind Camden's successful Lock Tavern pub now at the helm.

There was a lot of brown furniture going on, the music was indescribably bland (a bored looking DJ standing behind the decks with his arms closed hardly raised party spirits either) and the whole place felt like it should be shunted two miles up the road into Clapham.

The food looked like it might be pretty good, and the selection of the beers wasn't too shabby either, so we'll check it out again in a month or two.

Gigs, May 2008
22nd May Helen McCookeryBook at the Railway, Tulse Hill.

Now this is a mighty fine boozer, and well worth a visit. There's a small venue upstairs, a huge garden at the back (well, a sea of concrete mainly), good food and a lively downstairs bar.

Gigs, May 2008
There was some kind of super folky night going on at the Railway, and although some of the acts were quite enjoyable, when we being implored to clap along to some hippy tosh, we made our excuses.

Gigs, May 2008
22nd May The final gig of the night - The Amaylas at the Windmill.

The Windmill is rightly regarded as one of the finest small venues in London, and I was asked to DJ to a rather intimate crowd at an Oxfam benefit. Here's the view from the DJ decks.

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