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Press reviews and feedback from Offline, urban75 club night with live acts, bands, DJs, poets, comedians and multimedia at the Dogstar, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9

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Offline feedback and press

We'll have to admit that we've been too busy booking great acts and partying to keep updating this page, so here's a review from April 2010 and some archive comments.

Check out the photo archive to see what fun we have!

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Offline at the Brixton Albert London SW9 Friday 2nd April 2010

"The best thing to happen to the Dogstar in donkey's years!"

"Two floors, three rooms... Go!" TIME OUT

"So successful it hurts" TIME OUT


OFFLINE 39 Thursday 29th March 2007 (see photos here)

ianw: Fantastic night! A truly random selection of excellent acts, all of whom played for just the right amount of time, with the next act onstage five minutes later. No time to get bored...or even to get your head round what you were seeing!

rammpants: that was fantastic. I've never been to Offline before on a thurs, but I loved the last punk night. and last night was great.

aurora green: I still think last nights offline may have been one of the best ever. Well it certainly was the funniest. Was so much fun, I'm still smiling...Hacksaw were just utterly, utterly brilliant.

iemanja: Definetely the funniest Offline I've ever been to, the acts were fantastic, totally random and every single one of them was hilarious in their own special way

saucisson: It was my first offline, I laughed a lot...I will be back and bring more mates

LDR: I think the acts were even impressed and freaked out by each other.


OFFLINE 29 Thursday 25th May 2006 (see photos here)

"Great night as always,"

"A great night! A huge amount of talent at tonight's Offline. All the poets were superb - but I especially liked the crazy Irish stream of unconsciousness fellow. Salt'n'Ruby were excellent - it takes guts to attempt 'Song To The Siren' and real talent to pull it off. The Albermarle House were great, as ever - good to see a namecheck for Dave The Bastard. And Richard was briliant - I loved the bits where he just threw away the plot and started arguing with the crowd. Plus Dub playing The Cramps afterwards! A great night out. " IanW

"Had a great night. I'm almost too hung over to type though...ouch... Absolutely blown away by Salt & Blue. I'd never heard a hurdy gurdy (spl?) before, like some magical musical knitting machine or something, really moving, and combined with the cello, just so brilliant, so evocative of nature and earthy goodness and felt kind of timeless... An amazing voice too, I felt all emotional at the end. Excellent. I enjoyed the next band too. thought that drummer was brilliant... Top night out, as ever." Aurora Green

"The music I saw was ace, and Yap was like some sort of vrebal blitzkreig. Another great night" Crispy

"Ruby was fucking great, and I loved Richard Herring.. very funny and a top bloke" ChrisFilter

"Later I myself took part in a free piece of theatre. I was doing a gig at the offline club in Brixton.

It's an evening of poetry, bands and comedy in the back room of a pub, where entry is free and where acts get paid with two beers. It's a bit anarchic and ramshackle, but a really great night out. I saw a poet with a furious scattergun delivery and a musical act in which a woman played a hurdy-gurdy (which isn't something you see every day).

You should support this place if you are local enough to get down there. There's a great atmosphere and it's free and better than watching two eccentric academics discussing their careers. I thought I would struggle a bit in my set, as I was going on late and was the only comedian and the audience was drunk and I was on my fourth pint of Guinness, but although there were some dodgy moments and I couldn't really see anyone, it was raw and exciting.

One man bought me a whisky to down in one and another after hearing my story about the Hand Job centre, slithered his way up on to the high stage (I compared him to Tooms from the first series of the X Files which had a surprising level of recognition from the crowd) to tell a story of his "friend" who had fallen asleep on a bus and then woken up to find himself being masturbated by a stranger.

We then had a dialogue, passing the microphone from one to the other as we discussed whether his interruption was relevant or appropriate. It was a really lovely bit of fun, very good natured and experimental and after a few exchanges he slinked off again.

A terrific night of fun. Do go to the next one."
Richard Herring

OFFLINE 15 Thursday 28th April 2005 (see photos here)

Great stuff, TV Smith & JC001 were *brilliant* in fact I thought I should be paying to see them - it's a testament to Editor's persuasive powers and their generosity. All the acoustic acts were of high calibre, like last time. Top effort again. pinkychukkles

Offline was grand as usual - but why do I always drink so much, so quickly! Anyway, top night out. Vixen

That was another truly stonking night !!! Especially thought it was the best cabaret corner in a long time all the performers seemed shit hot and on real form. Raver Drew

I really enjoyed myself and felt quite inspired by the cabaret poetry, particularly Sheena Salmon. Nice one. Sally P

TV SMITH was brilliant. I really enjoyed his performance and would love to see him again some time. LDRudeboy

That was fab! Great to see everyone.... Loved the skinny bloke with the guitar in the main room (forgot his name ) - what a performance! That geordie poet who liked monkeys is wicked..... Well done djs and performers! han

Yeah, huge thank you to all the people who do this for free and make it such a top and unmissable night. Highlights of the evening for me were Vic Labruscos' masterful anti-car rant. And hearing two of my most favourite records played back to back; Nina Simone-My Baby Just cares for me, followed by Elvis' Suspicious Minds. Excellent choices! Great fun! aurora green

I really enjoyed myself, the acts were top quality. Sub Zero Cat

Cracking night, as ever - fantastic range of live acts Agent Sparrow

What a fantastic night! Wasn't JC001 amazing?? Mation


OFFLINE 14 Thursday 31st March 2005 (see photos here)

I've just got in and have to be up for work in four hours. Was it worth it? Of course it was, LD Rudeboy

That was a fun night, Vic's poetry and dubversion's set were rocking in particular, DrJazzz

Had a lovely night. Acoustic sets were great too, really enjoyed it! Thanks for 'The Bear Necessities' Dubversion! Top night!!!! Iemanja

We went (to the Dogstar) for the first time in years last Thursday and had the best time we've had there in years! It was a club called Offline and it was great to see live bands, non-ego-preening DJs and some hilarious stand up. We loved it!

Fun night, good crowd... comedy was great too ... thoroughly recommended! Will definitely return another time Kim (Internet Magazine)

Great night last night. Shame I had to leave early - would have liked to have seen more comedy. The DJs in the back room were great too. Have to return again soon. Sean

Rammed, but with a hugely welcoming atmosphere, tarannau

Very good night.Top work Mike and team dum dum

What a fab night, thanks to all who organised it, little edge

Top night - Offline just keeps getting better, one of these Thursdays I'm going to stay til the end and not worry about going into work the next morning looking like Keith Richards... Yossarian

Yeah, what a fabulous night! I really enjoyed it. Such a nice friendly vibe. I particularly enjoyed Vics' caberet corner, aurora green

Quel nuite extraordinaire. merci beaucoup a votre organisation. les acoustic acts etes tres superb. magnificent! Choc

What a delightful evening it was, Xanadu


Time Out Critic's Choice

OFFLINE 13 Thursday 24th February 2005 (see photos here)

Had a great time -- almost all of it in the back room. Those poets were great. William of Walworth

That was a fab night - yep brill sets LD and Dub in the little room, and top acts too! Kameron's housemate was a corker! Nice one all! han

Best bit of the night was Sonik's inspired Kate Bush usage, PieEye

Loved it! Orang Utan

That was a fun night. Excellent stuff in the backroom. Met lots of nice people too, hiccup

I had a really great night yet again !!! Thanx to all for their hard work in putting it on, RaverDrew


OFFLINE 12 Thursday 27th Jan 2005 (see photos here)

Cheers to everyone, the Actionettes were great, The B

top night, it rocked, surreal sight of tom robinson getting down to his tunes while a gaggle of lost souls huddle round a video projection of a riot. The human fruit machine was ace, everyone's a winner.....DJWrongspeed

It was a great night with some of the loveliest people in Brixton, liberty

What a splendid evening!, Mation

Good night -- especially liked the Actionettes and the poem about January. Actually, I want to BE an Actionette!, Ms T

An absolutely cracking night, Crispy

Thanks to everyone for organising it - it was great, Bob

Had a crazy, funky, flappy kind of night, dirtyfruit

That was great...really impressed - the music was great and varied (weird to see Tom Robinson behind the decks after not seeing him performing for years and years) - the human slot machine was a gas and The Actionettes were pretty spectacular. The people I met were great too, friendly and sociable...I really enjoyed it zcat

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