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S.E.D.A.T.E.D at Brixton Albert Portico Quartet at Offline Club, Brixton JAMM Offline crowd Josie Long Offline crowd Trans Siberian March band Offline crowd Racehorses at the Brixton Albert Actionettes get ready Lost Cavalry at Offline, Plan B Brixton JimBob (Carter USM) at Offline, Brixton JAMM James Pyke Amycanbe at Brixton Albert Lady Lykez Stewart Lee Ms Feelgood Lani Singers Gilbert Jessica Delfino Hightown Crows Offline crowd Shazia Mirza Craft Corner at Offline Beans On Toast Offline crowd The Thirst Barking Bateria Helen McCookeryBook DJ Skim Richard Herring Drunken Balordi Actionette DJs at Offline Broken deck Actionettes go Mexican wrestling Anchorsong Severed Limb Dulwich Ukulele Club John Hegley at the Brixton Albert Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer Offline crowd Actionettes at the Dogstar Offline Rob Newman at Offline night at Brixton JAMM Offline crowd Tom Robinson Crowd scene Olos onstage Atomic Suplex Drunken Balordi Filthy Pedro Morton Valence Brixton Albert The Severed Limb Simon Subvert evil magic show Brixton Albert crowd at Offline Mortad The Scribes End of the night Pussycat Johnson Actionette DJs NYE crowd Stirfried Frequency The Werewandas Silver Brazilians Orchestra Pirouette Offline party crowd, Brixton Albert Gagadilo New Town Kings Prince Albert, Brixton Morton Valence Lost Cavalry at Plan B, Brixton Drinkies! The Lovely Eggs Aurora Plastic Monster, Plan B Brixton Actionettes at Offline Anti Royal Wedding night, Stockwell Grosvenor The Lovely Eggs, Brixton Albert Actionettes DJs Stewart Lee at Offline, JAMM Darren Hayman Phil Grispo By the DJ booth Pile on! Dr Vampire, Offline club at the Stockwell Grosvenor Barking Bateria Actionettes Anti Royal bunting at Offline Club, Grosvenor, Stockwell Thee Faction, Brixton Albert Actionette DJs Club crowd, Brixton Albert Roy De Roy
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