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Glastonbury photo listing

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Passing Stonehenge
Through Somerset countryside
Deluge! On the way to Glastonbury
Supplies store
Other Stage, Glastonbury
Guardian Bus, Backstage, Glastonbury
Te a tost stall
Gipsy Acora Palmist
Acoustic tent
Mud, Glastonbury Festival
Illuminated tower by the Left Field
Queue to complain
Oriental Wholefoods
She/Pee female urinals
Mobile metal sculpture
Cider Bus by the Pyramid Stage
Idiotic Glastonbury hat
Green Police
Backstage Bar


England v Portugal, Euro 2004
England v Portugal, Euro 2004
Goal! England v Portugal, Euro 2004
Inside our tent
Space age urinals
Wake up to Cornflakes
Giant wicker tortoise, Green Futures Field
Tropical Paradise, Green Fields
Relaxing in the Healing Fields
Hippy cures, Healing Fields
Wicker man and woman
Love sign, King's Meadow
Banksy graffiti, King's Meadow
Chilling in King's Meadow
Shoes off! Glastonbury Festival
Looking down from the Green Fields
Flags, Jazz Field
Flags, Jazz Field
Vehicle with skulls, Jazz Field
Sombrero people
Under the newspaper, The Glade


Inside the Dance Tent
View of Pyramid Stage
Wobbly thing,
Give us your cans pissheads
Deluxe Diner, Lost Vagueness
Sideshow, Lost Vagueness
The Chapel of Love and Loathing, Lost Vagueness
Paradise Lost Trailer Park, Lost Vagueness
Eco Arcadia, Lost Vagueness
Ballroom dancers, Lost Vagueness
Elvis trapeze artistes Lost Vagueness
Fatboy Slim at The Ballroom, Lost Vagueness
Couple marrying, Lost Vagueness
Marriage celebrations, Lost Vagueness
Continental Drifts, Lost Vagueness
Fifties jive band, Chapel of Love and Loathing
Performance art, Chapel of Love and Loathing
Late night snack
4am fire
Backstage scene


Die hard music fans, Other Stage
An ocean of mud
Astrologer Jonathan Caine spouts bollocks
Green Fields
Very muddy people, Green Fields
Oxygen Rehab Bar, Lost Vagueness
The Chapel of Love and Loathing, Lost Vagueness
Tipi field
Mud people! Glastonbury Festival
Mobile elephant metal sculpture
Tiger Mini, Glastonbury Festival
Dancers on the move
Phil Kay at the Comedy Tent
Late night, Glastonbury Festival
Dragging a cross, Other Stage
Sunny Sunday, Glastonbury Festival
Josh Stone at the Pyramid Stage
Portable Paradise at the Pyramid Stage
Fleeing from the rain


More rain, Glastonbury Festival
Small World stage, Glastonbury Festival
The Glade, Glastonbury Festival
Cider Bus, Glastonbury Festival
An outbreak of Elvis's
Morrissey at the Pyramid Stage,
Morrissey in a field
Girl with a moustache
Bloke with hat by Pyramid Stage
Backstage view of the Pyramid Stage
Glooping in the mud to Orbital, The Other stage area
Mudbath, The Other stage area
The only patch of grass, The Other stage area
Goodbye to Glastonbury, The Other stage area

Thumbnail photos 1, Glastonbury Festival
Thumbnail photos 2, Glastonbury Festival
Thumbnail photos 3, Glastonbury Festival
Thumbnail photos 4, Glastonbury Festival


photosWednesday sun
photosThursday scenes
photosInto Friday
photosAround the Green Fields
photosCraft workshops and bands
photosSaturday wanderings
photosA very muddy Saturday
photosFriday night to Saturday morning
photosIggy and Trash City
photosSaturday night, Sunday morning
photosSunday, the final day


photosTipi Village
photosBackstage at Glastonbury
photosGlastonbury chums


photosGlastonbury aftermath pt 1
A Monday morning muddy trudge

photosGlastonbury aftermath pt 2
More mud-drenched deserted scenes

photos Glastonbury aftermath pt3
To the Green Fields and the Stone Circle.

photosGlastonbury aftermath pt 4
A wade around the Other Stage.


photos Glastonbury gadgets
Surviving a week in the mud


Buses at Castle Cary station
Arriving at Glastonbury, Glastonbury Festival
The tent is up!
Pyramid Stage under construction
Is anyone urban75 here?
Cider Bus at night
Mutoid Waste Co sculptures
Boat with legs, Mutoid Waste Co sculptures
Circus Tent and Flags
Man on Circus Tent
Tipi Field
Tipi Field
Hug a Farmer
Green Kids Field
Huge frog
Deckchair and sand
Wood sculpture by the stone circle
Cow/bull sculpture, Green Fields
Flappin' flags


Willy Mason and friends
Backstage Hospitality camping area
Lost Adults sign
Other stage before the festival
Heatwave! Crowd by Pyramid stage, Thursday
Ice Cream van by the Pyramid Stage
Night scene
Chapel of Love and Loathing
Testing the Other Stage
After the deluge
Rivers of mud
Tent on the move
Wildlife Park
Submerged tents
Submerged tents
River, Other Stage
Salvaging belongings
Inside a mud-filled tent
Fording the river by the Other Stage
River by the Other Stage
Shopping in the rain


Rivers of Babylon
Love in the mud, Other Stage
Abandoned sandals,
A break in the rain
Muddy boots and tent
Aircraft cockpit, Deluxe Diner, Lost Vagueness
Banners, Lost Vagueness
Brass band, Lost Vagueness
Laundrettas, Lost Vagueness
Chapel of love and loathing, Lost Vagueness
Man with an impressive horn, Lost Vagueness
Aircraft cockpit, Lost Vagueness
Very muddy bloke
The lake by the Pyramid Stage
The Avalon tent damaged
Alabama 3, Jazz World stage
Late night tea
Muddy hand prints
Big human fly thing on stilts
Dancers, Circus Field


Simon Munnery, Cabaret Tent
Confess your sins
Confess your sins
The Big Love cushion, Avalon Fields
Closed - too much mud
New wellies! Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK 2005Crossing the ocean
Saloon Bar
Portable Camera Obscura
Green Futures scene
Large human cow, Circus Field
Happy Stewards, Green Futures
Climate Criminal Playground, Greenpeace
Climate Criminal, Green Futures
Insect Circus Museum, Greenpeace, Green Futures
George Galloway in action
Lost Vagueness robot thing
Lost Vagueness megaphone
Sitting in the mud
Other stage, Saturday


Wading to the Other stage
The hay arrives! Glastonbury
A lost tent, Other Stage
Light sculpture by Acoustic Stage
Bongo frenzy in the Green Roadshow field
Dance Village
Mud-swamped stall Glastonbury
Half price sale
Spiegel Tent, Pussy Parlure
Princess Delilah
Sunday morning
Sculpture, Craft Field
Sculpture made out of dicarded wellies
Dance tent inflatable thingy, Dance Village
Pussy Parlure Spiegel Tent
Flags galore, Dance Village
Tall white sculptures, Dance Village
Girl looking through wooden sculpture
No More Wellies
Muddy boots and toilets


Crowd scene
Dusk by the Acoustic Stage
Dusk by the Acoustic Stage,
Flags against a darkening sky
Backstage bar
Guardian Lounge
Fema Kuti, Jazz World stage
Cabaret tent farewell
Fire dancers, Green Futures
Samba band, Green Futures
Flares in the sacred space, Stone Circle
A thousand campfires, Stone Circle
Jettisoned wellies
Leaving the site, Glastonbury

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