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Guide to the best cafes, tea houses and greasy spoons in and around Central London, Hackney, the West End, north and south London including reviews of the Photographers Gallery, Rays Jazz Cafe and more.
urban75 Brixton cafe rankings

London: cafes
There's nothing like passing away a few hours enjoying a good nosh and a coffee in your favourite cafe. This is a small selection of some of urban75's favourites, selected with help from the u75 London forum community. Be sure to call first as cafes have a habit of closing suddenly.


ED'S EASY DINER 12 Moor Street, W1 good coffee
Slip into this stylish 50s style diner and watch your waistlines expand as you tuck into Ed's glorious all-American menu of lardy malt shakes, gut-busting thick fries and calorie-packed burgers.
photo phone 020 7439 1955

NEW PICCADILLY CAFE 8, Denman Street, W1 good tea good coffee full fry ups sandwiches nice vibes
Once a 'must-visit' for all discerning day-trippers and Londoners alikethis time warp cafe sucummbed to redevelopment in 2007. It's sorely missed.
» Read our photo feature on the New Piccadilly Cafe

PHOTOGRAPHERS GALLERY Ramillies Street, Oxford Circus. W1 good tea good coffee healthy stuff sandwiches nice vibes
This cafe has long been one of urban75's favourites with fabulous, freshly made sandwiches and a great photo exhibition space. *Note: will be closed from Sept 2010 fora year.
photo phone 020 7831 1772

RAY'S JAZZ CAFE Charing Cross Rd, WC2 good tea good coffee healthy stuff sandwiches nice vibes
Lovely, laid back cafe on the first floor of Foyles bookstore, popular with local art students and jazz types. The sandwiches are a bit pricey, but there's a good selection of organic and homemade produce.
photo phone 020 7831 1772

REGENCY CAFE 17-19 Regency St, SW1 good tea full fry ups sandwiches
A proper, old-style cafe with formica counters and a nice atmosphere, great grub, and it's cheap too - you can get a huge plate of food and a mug of tea for around £4.
phone 020 7821 6596




MESS CAFE Amhurst Rd, E9 good tea good coffee full fry ups sandwiches nice vibes
'Best cafe in Hackney by miles; really nice grub with chilled music and free papers to boot'.


The Counter cafe, Hackney Wick, E3
A fantastic East London coffee house - well worth a visit!



ARNOS CAFE 167 Bowes Rd, N11 good tea good coffee full fry ups sandwiches
The dogs proverbials in terms of sheer volume of food to price ratio - they do fab bubble and a great cup of frothy cafe coffee .
phone 020 8888 7675

LONDON CAFE Turnpike Lane tube, N15 good tea good coffee sandwiches
Absolutely no-nonsense, back-to-basics greasy spoon.
phone 020 7831 1772

SHEPHERDESS CAFE Shepherdess Walk, N1 good tea good coffee healthy stuff sandwiches
Always packed, food is great and cheap, ideal for City types along Moorgate and Old Street who reject the Starbucks / Costa Coffee / Cafe Nero places.
phone 020 7831 1772

WORKMAN'S INN CAFE Shepherdess Walk, N1 good tea good coffee full fry ups sandwiches
Will do everything you expect of a proper caff, nice and cheap, and they make the tea in the proper way.



» BRIXTON (More reviews in the Brixton Cafe Guide)

THE LOUNGE 88, Atlantic Rd SW9 good tea good coffee healthy stuff sandwiches nice vibes comfy seats
Our favourite Brixton cafe! Small and laid back and pleasingly stocked up with the day's newspapers, this is a top place to pass away a few chilled-out hours. There's a couple of computers available for net access and it's open 'late'. The breakfasts's are pretty good, although a bit miserly on the veggie front, but the coffee and shakes are spot on. Open 8-6pm weekdays, 8-7 weekends.
photo phone020 7733 5229

PHOENIX CAFE 441 Coldharbour Lane SW9 good tea full fry ups nice vibes
Old style, no nonsense cafe serving up sarnies and beverages in a friendly atmosphere.
phone 020 7733 4430


GOODBENCH COFFEE Market Row, Coldharbour Lane, SW9
Another great independent coffee shop hits Brixton! It's small, there's not many seats, but the coffee's great and there's some lovely cakes on offer. Check out our photo feature.

FEDERATION COFFEE 41-42 Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR
Small, modern cafe in the rejuvenated Brixton Village selling fantastic coffee - the best in Brixton by miles - and delicious home made cakes. Check out our photo feature.



CAFE LIFE 71 Ladywell Rd, SE13 full fry ups healthy stuff sandwiches nice vibes
Friendly, hippy cafe serving up first-rate fry-ups, sarnies in the daytimes, turning into a thai joint at night. Licensed. phone020 8690 6020


Bonnington Centre Café 11 Vauxhall Grove, SW8 good tea healthy stuff sandwiches nice vibes
Originally run by squatters, this no-nonsense cafe serves up exceptionally cheap vegetarian food (a three course meal is around a tenner). Bring along your own booze and join in with the singalongs at the piano afterwards.
Mon - Sun 7pm -11pm, nearest tube: Kennington
phone020 7735 3807

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