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Santorini panoramas; 360º interactive views of Fira, Imerovigli, Kamari and Akrotiri lighthouse
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Sept 2004
Flying over GreeceArriving at Santorini International Airport
Apartment view, Imerovigli
Breakfast, Apartment, Imerovigli
Looking east, Imerovigli
White steps and blue sea, Imerovigli
White roof, blue sky, Imerovigli
Parasols against the blue sky, Imerovigli
Winding alleys, Imerovigli
Cactus fruit, Imerovigli
Church, Firostefani
Black Beach, Perivolos
Fira at night
Lighthouse, Cape Akrotiri
Red Beach, P. Kokkini


Red Beach, P. Kokkini
Red Cafe, Red Beach, P. Kokkini
Beach vendor, Red Beach, P. Kokkini
Sunset over Imerovigli
Cruise ship, Fira
Walking through Firostefani, near Imerovigli
Church at Firostefani, near Imerovigli
Imerovigli clifftop view
Chapel in Firostefani
Chapel of Agios Stylianos, Firostefani
Fira harbour
Man and donkey, Fira harbour
Donkeys galore! Fira harbour
Cable car to Fira harbour
CBarging through the beasts, Fira harbour
Flags, Fira harbour
Old chair and basket, Fira harbour
Fira harbour view
Lava Internet Cafe, Fira


Souped up moped, Fira
Megaron Gyzi Museum and Katerina Ioannidou's Icon Studio, Fira
Imerovigli architecture
Village street, Ia/ Oia
Main church square, Ia
Blue dome and sea, Ia
Ia harbour
Looking over Ia
Blue domes, Ia
More domes, Ia
Windmill shaped houses
Sunset over Santorini, Thira, Aegean Sea, Greece
Kanakari beach
Cafe on Kanakari beach
Deserted Kanakari beach, Santorini, Thira, Aegean Sea, Greece

Santorini photos [contd.]
Deserted Kanakari beach
Yellow church
Five bell tower
Looking over our apartment, Imerovigli
Fran and Theresa's wedding, Fira
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral, Fira
Franco's Bar, Fira
Town view, Fira
View from Athinios
Kamari beach
Kamari town
Kamari cafe
View from a sunbed, Kamari
Seafront view, Kamari
Boat trip to Nea Kameni
Arriving at Nea Kameni
Moonscape! Nea Kameni


Crater on Nea Kameni
Tourist trundle, Nea Kameni
Hot springs, Palia Kameni
Sunset, Imerovigli
Sunset and sea, Imerovigli
Streets of Fira
Irish bar, Fira
Jazz bar, Fira
Jazz bar, Fira
Morning clouds over Fira
Clouds over Imerovigli
Clouds over Imerovigli
Tourists, Fira
Metamorphosis Church in Fira
Watching the sunset, Fira
Santorini airport control tower


Santorini street signs and details
Apartment sign and cactus, Imerovigli
Postcards, Fira, Imerovigli
Tourist mug, Fira
Hanging towels, Fira
Curious volcanic houses, Fira
Hand painted plant pots, Firostefani
Hand painted signs, Imerovigli
Street signs, Fira
Painted garage frontage, Firostefani
Snack Bars and hostel, Fira
Snack Bar sign, Fira
Stop street sign, Imerovigli
Religious monument, Kamari
Hand painted bus stop sign
Squid street sign, Ia
Sea painting, Ia
Stop sign, Kanakari

Akrotiri lighthouse, Santorini
Fira harbour
Kamari beach
Walking from Imerovigli

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