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Mr Insult's Star Wars style Shakespearean Insult Scroller - it's utterly useless!

Thou infectious rump-fed boar-pig

Thou cockered elf-skinned haggard

Thou bawdy clay-brained flax-wench

Thou mammering pox-marked baggage

Thou qualling crook-pated flax-wench

Thou mammering clay-brained fustilarian

Thou puny doghearted vassal

Thou bootless sheep-biting baggage

Thou infectious fool-born hedge-pig

Thou errant beef-witted bladder

Thou infectious milk-livered bugbear

Thou fecking clack dish

Thou fobbing doghearted bum-bailey

Thou ribbling spur-galled moldwarp

Thou dankish half-faced hugger-mugger

Thou warped ill-nurtured fustilarian

Thou artless tardy-gaited nut-hook

Thou artless dismal-dreaming pignut

Thou venomed half-faced mammet

Thou paunchy rump-fed scut

Thou artless fat-kidneThoud pumpion

Thou beslubbering knotty-pated harpy

Thou weedy beef-witted clack-dish

Thou lumpish crook-pated malt-worm

Thou wayward toad-spotted whey-face

Thou droning boil-brained skainsmate

Thou venomed full-gorged flap-dragon

Thou weedy hedge-born scut

Thou weedy fen-sucked joithead

Thou fobbing doghearted bum-bailey

Thou currish tardy-gaited lewdster

Thou vain plume-plucked barnacle

Thou tottering clapper-clawed giglet

Thou clouted pox-marked varlet

Thou venomed beef-witted scut

Thou qualling fool-born minnow

Thou gorbellied unchin-snouted wagtail

Thou lumpish tardy-gaited flax-wench

Thou surly unchin-snouted lewdster

Thou Thouasty rump-fed pumpion

Thou reeky spur-galled dewberry

Thou bawdy hasty-witted harpy

Thou saucy boil-brained gudgeon

Thou ruttish ill-nurtured clotpole

Thou warped swag-bellied strumpet

Thou bawdy reeling-ripe nut-hook

Thou errant beetle-headed maggot-pie

Thou craven earth-vexing mumble-news

Thou craven rump-fed joithead

Thou paunchy milk-livered pigeon-egg

Thou full-gorged knotty-pated varlet

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