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Mr Insult's Maths Test: are you smart enough? MR INSULT'S MATHS TEST!
Get the answers right or be abused for your stupidity

Rules: Click 'Start' and you'll be presented with easy-peasy maths questions in the box below. Type your answers in the box that says (wait for it) 'Put Answer Here' and let Mr Insult check your answer in his own, inimitable style.

Warning: Mr Insult only talks one language: foul language

Time Remaining:

Put Answer Here:

0 - 3  You are one dumb, dumb fuck.
4 - 9  A walnut is smarter than you.
10-15 Oy butt-suck! You've the brain of a 10 yr old!
16-20 Not bad. For a wanker.
21-25 You're quite a smart fucker, aren't you?
26-49 You have Mr Insult's respect
50+ You cheating bastard!

Warning: Mr Insult only talks one language: foul language

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