Update from rainy Manhattan

Still having a fantastic time out in NYC although the weather’s turned to a London-stylee constant drizzle…The good news is that I’ve managed to get my snazzy wireless internet/laptop connection working – the bad news is that I have to sit in an arsing Starbucks to get a connection. Still, at least I get to use their electricity and comfy chairs without spending a dime there. New Yorkers sure do ‘chilled’ well here: there’s a guy next to me who’s fast asleep with his laptop on his chest while another has recreated an entire office around his table…

Last night we went to a small East Village comedy club with UK comedian Bill Bailey topping the bill (he’s starring in a show uptown) – and he was hilarious! He’s a dead nice bloke too – we had a chat with him afterwards and he was really friendly.

Today we’re heading off down to my old haunts in Wall Street to take some photos and maybe take the Staten Island ferry if the weather isn’t too grim. Then maybe the Natural Hiastory museum and a movie after. NYC is great!

More later!

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