Buncefield: the fuckwittedness of Fox News

The fuckwittedness of Fox News

Early this morning, there was a series of huge explosions at the Buncefield oil distribution depot near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, shooting flames hundreds of feet into the sky. It was so loud, we heard it loud and clear in Brixton, south London (the BBC is reporting that it was heard as far away as the Netherlands).

Thankfully, there seems to have been no fatalities, although 36 people have been treated, with two reported as seriously hurt.

With an eye for the dramatic, Fox News cranked their hyperbole-o-meter to eleven, running the story with the truly ridiculous headline, “Britain Ablaze.”

Strange then that with the entire country supposedly ablaze, we can only muster “at least 12 fire crews” to the scene!

The article then goes on to declare Hemel Hempstead to be in London, fuelling the hysteria with the grossly misleading headline, “Explosion sets fire to London suburb” (it’s an oil terminal that’s on fire, not a suburb, fuckwits.)

Not satisfied with their jazz interpretation of geography and facts, Fox finally decide that the oil terminal isn’t in a London suburb after all. In fact, it’s not even in England or the UK, but is in the “country of Hertfordshire,” wherever that is.

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