urban75 picnic in south London

A full-on urban75 weekend!
Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but things have been a tad hectic…

On Friday, we got delightfully smashed at How Does It Feel To Be Loved at the Canterbury Arms, Brixton. I shook a leg in an incoherent manner to several tunes and talked nonsense to anyone within earshot.


On Saturday, we grabbed a coffee at the The Lounge in Atlantic Road, Brixton before getting on a hideously hot bus to East Dulwich and on to the urban75 picnic.

The location was fabulous, affording a superb – nay unequalled! – panoramic view across London.

It’s a tough spot to find though, going under various names: Dawson’s Hill, Dawson’s Heights and Ladlands and this lovely piece of green doesn’t even show up on the A-Z!

The weather was glorious, the food over-flowing and the company delightful and we all got slowly drunk as the sun set over London.

Things got a little messy after that. We needed to find a local pub, so while I was on the phone to a mate trying to find where Gooodrich Road was, three of our party got out their A-Zs.

Much frantic searching followed, with the A-Zs being passed around from one baffled viewer to the next. And then a cry: “I got it I got it I got it! It’s there.”

Three steps further on we saw the street name. Goodrich Road! Ooops!

It was downhill all the way after that. We went to the Crystal Palace with some of us half watching the football while others sought more chemical based entertainment.

The exchange I witnessed between a ‘tired and emotional’ Jezza and some even more tired and emotional Greek bloke was priceless:

Jezza: Did youzzzz seesh the fooshball? (hic)
Greek bloke: Don’t call me Barry
Jezza: I didn’t call you Bazzzzy
Greek bloke: Don’t call me Barry
Jezza stumbles off, tired, emotional and more confused.

Greek bloke seen puking up in the street later….

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