The tragedy of Brighton’s West Pier

Brighton West Pier

I spent a few hours in Brighton today and I was saddened to see that the concert hall of the moribund West Pier has finally sunk into the sea.

It seems a disgrace that a listed building could be allowed to fall into such disrepair, and it’s equally disgraceful that no-one was ever arrested for the highly suspicious fires that wrecked the West Pier pavilion a couple of years ago.

I’ve posted up a few photos from the trip here.

After growing up with ‘Quadrophenia’, I’m really quite depressed to see the pier so completely fucked up – it’s a disgrace that the pier has been left to rot like this.

Checking with the West Pier Trust website doesn’t give much hope for the future either, with a (broken) link entitled ‘is this the end‘ on their homepage…