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Brixton Village: Christmas trees and herring shots

The Green Workshop in Brixton Village is a great place to bag yourself a sustainable Christmas tree.

We invested in two exceptionally cute mini-trees from there, so there’ll be no plasticky monstrosities in our household this festive season! Huzzah!

Billing itself as “Brixton’s premier plant and flower emporium,”   the store can be found at Unit 5 in Granville Arcade/Brixton Village (by the Coldharbour Lane, SW9) entrance.

Another look inside the Green Workshop, which prides itself on selling as many local products as possible.

Further inside Brixton Village is Brick Box, a friendly arts hub and cafe bar, run by a “team of artists, dreamers, hopers and no hopers.”

The more adventurous of passer-bys were invited to sample the potentially troublesome delights of shots labelled, ‘Herrings from Hell,’ Svetlana’s Slippery Nipple,’ and the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ for £2.50 a pop.

Although it was a cold, dark Sunday, business was fairly brisk for the units that opened in the Village.

Federation Coffee was particularly packed, although our delicious beverage was slightly marred by an unpleasant outbreak of loud braying yuppies behind us, bragging loudly about some dull business deal or another.

Cla’am’s over thataway, chaps.