Brixton Village: now open on Sundays

Brixton Village: now open on Sundays

The success story of Brixton Village continues, with the formerly run down indoor market enjoying a real resurgence – and now opening on Sundays for the first time.

Brixton Village: now open on Sundays

Formerly known as Granville Arcade, the market resisted a massively unpopular redevelopment proposal by owners London & Associated Properties in 2008.

The scheme would have seen the current buildings replaced with a 10 storey, privately owned residential tower block and private park, slapped on top of a new market building.

Friends of Brixton Market, traders and residents ran a successful campaign against the proposals, which was debated and discussed on our bulletin boards. The market is now  a Grade II listed building.

Waiting list for units

Brixton Village is now 100 per cent full, with a waiting list of 17 people for units, although a recent proposal to inflict huge rent hikes on shop units is causing serious concern for older, less fashionable tenants and may trash the unique atmosphere of the market.

The last thing Brixton needs needs is a sterile, gentrified hipster mini-mall pricing out the older traditional  traders, so let’s hope the old and new continue to mix together.

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